Vaga River

Waga at Rowdino

Waga ( on the map as Vaga ) in the western basin of the Northern Dvina

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The 575 km Waga (Russian Вага ) is the most important left tributary of the Northern Dvina in the north of the European part of Russia.

The Waga rises in a marshy area in the northeast of the Vologda Oblast in about 200 m altitude. It flows, and later on the territory of Arkhangelsk Oblast, north through the forested areas of the northern Eastern European lowlands until it finally joins between Ust- Waga and Beresnik in the Northern Dvina ( in 13 m above sea level).

The catchment area of ​​44,800 km ² comprises Waga. At the village Schegowary, about 80 km from the mouth, the average water flow is 384 m³ / s ( minimum in March with 86 m³ / s, the maximum in May 1804 m³ / s). In the lower reaches of the river is about 500 m wide, 1 m deep, the flow velocity is 0.4 m / s The main tributaries are, from left Wel ( Вель ), from right Kuloi ( Кулой ) and Ustja ( Устья ).

At the Waga are the towns Velsk and Shenkursk. Along the middle and lower reaches of the Waga runs west for about 350 km, for long stretches in the direct vicinity of rivers, the highway M8 Moscow - Arkhangelsk. ( Konosha - Kotlas ) In Velsk the flow from the western part of the Pechora railway is crossed.

The Waga freezes from mid-November to late April. You navigable to the mouth of the Ustja ( at Ust- Ustja ), at high water level to Velsk.