The small belonging to Scotland Shetland Island Vaila is just a few hundred meters from the western part of the main island of Mainland away and is separated by the narrow Vaila sound of this and the small harbor town of Walls. Public ferry services do not exist. The distance to the main town of Lerwick is about 22 km.

The hilly and treeless island with a maximum width of 2.5 × 2 km an area of ​​327 ha and has the Eastward a height of up to 95 meters.

On the island, aside from just extensive sheep farming hardly used numerous seabirds breed especially on the cliffs. Vaila has a rare animal and plant world.

The main attraction of the rarely visited by tourists due to its difficult accessibility island is Vaila Hall. At this castle-like manor house has been converted into the 1890s, a wealthy mill owner, who built a sheep farm on the island, an already much older homestead.

After the island was temporarily uninhabited in the 1980s, it now has ( as of 2001) again a population of two inhabitants.