Vaishali (ancient city)

Vaishali ( Pali: Vesali ) was located in present-day state of Bihar, 40 km northwest of the present Patna between the Ganges and the Himalayas an important city in ancient India. Vaishali was in the 5th century BC, the capital of the Republic of Licchavis, which belonged to the Vajji Confederacy. You should have had more story houses, houses with battlements, groves and lotus ponds, ostensibly each 7707 pieces. The Buddha Siddhartha Gautama frequently visited Vaishali, where his courtesan Ambapali gave a Vihara. Here are some important teaching and speeches have been decided on the establishment of the order of nuns. After the death of the Buddha subdued the king of Magadha, Ajatasattu, the Republic and conquered Vaishali. 386 BC was held the 2nd Buddhist Council in Vaishali.

1958 a small bowl with bone fragments, ash, and various additions was discovered in a stupa; maybe it involves the the Licchavis allocated relics of the Buddha.