Valarie Rae Miller

Valarie Rae Miller ( born April 16, 1974 in Lafayette, Louisiana ) is an American actress.

Life and achievements

Miller grew up in Fort Worth ( Texas) and studied psychology at a university in Texas. She made her debut - while still studying - in an episode of the television series Family Matters from 1993 A year later, she hosted the TV show Gladiators 2000 As a consequence of their involvement in the entertainment industry, she moved to Los Angeles where she continued to study. .. In the television thriller Hollywood Undercover (1997), she appeared on the side of Edward James Olmos and Charlize Theron.

In the television series Dark Angel Miller played in the years 2000 to 2002 on the side of Jessica Alba one of the major roles. In the action-comedy All About the Money ( 2002) she played the girlfriend of the bounty hunter Bucum (Ice Cube ), who studied together with the small-time crook Reggie Wright (Mike Epps ) and his girlfriend Gina (Eva Mendes ), a valuable lottery ticket.

Filmography (selection)