Valdivian temperate rain forest

The Valdivan rainforest is a globally unique evergreen and cold temperate ecosystem of the Chilean Pacific coast to the edge of the Andes. The annual average temperature is between 11 and 12 ° C, and the rainfall amount annually to about 2400 mm, with constantly high humidity and a high number of rainy days.

Distinctive elements of the diverse flora in particular, the " southern beech " of the genus Nothofagus. In contrast, the fauna is less rich in species. The vegetation history of the Valdivian rain forest is associated with the former southern continent Gondwana. Due to the isolated location could survive evolutionarily very old forms until today.


  • Fray Jorge National Park Bosque de ( an enclave within the coastal desert in the north)
  • National Park Chiloé
  • Pumalín Park