Valeo is a publicly quoted French companies in the automotive industry based in Paris, which operates as an original equipment for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry worldwide. Valeo is on the Paris Stock Exchange ( ISIN-Nr. FR0000130339 ) is listed and generated in 2013 a turnover of 11.8 billion euros. It work 73,300 people in 28 countries around the world in 123 production sites, 55 R & D centers and 12 sales bases for Valeo. The group is led by Jacques Aschenbroich since March 2009.


Valeo emerged from the French corporation Ferodo ( Société Anonyme Française du Ferodo, SAFF ), in Saint- Ouen (Seine- Saint- Denis ) was founded near Paris in 1923. Under Eugène Boisson the company brake pads and clutch linings of English society Ferodo sales ( Ferodo UK), later emerged in Saint -Ouen, a production under license of Ferodo (UK). From 1932 Ferodo was traded on the Paris Stock Exchange. From the 1960s, the business was expanded to further product areas: braking systems (1961 ), thermal systems (1962), Electronic Components and Systems (1963 ) Lighting ( 1970) Electrical Systems (1978 ), international branches opened in Spain (1963 ) Italy (1964 ) and Brazil ( 1974).

To summarize all companies under one brand name, the shareholder Hauptversammlunge decided on 28 May 1980 the Company the name Valeo (Latin for " I'm fine " ) to give, at the time the name of the Italian subsidiary of Ferodo group. Since the early 1980s, Valeo grows through increased acquisitions and belongs to the circle of the world's most important suppliers to the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. The Valeo Group consists of 12 subsidiaries which are mainly as a result of company acquisitions. In 1998, the German special tool factory Feuerbach was taken. The last major buyout was in January 2005, the acquisition of motor control Division of the American automotive supplier Johnson Controls.

Corporate Structure

The Group is organized into four business groups and 9 product families:

  • Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems: With Interior Controls and Security Systems
  • Powertrain system with engine management and electrical systems, and transmission
  • Thermal Systems with air-conditioning systems, engine cooling systems, and compressors
  • Visibility system with wiper systems and lighting systems

The area Valeo Services is supplying the aftermarket, the automotive dealers, independent repair shops and spare part dealers in over 100 countries with products of the Valeo Group.

Offices in Germany

In Germany, Valeo is represented by approximately 4,500 employees at five production sites and 6 R & D centers. At 4 tech centers, customer-oriented activities take place.

  • Bietigheim- Bissingen (manufacturing plant, R & D center )
  • Hockenheim ( wind tunnel, sales office )
  • Kronach Neuses (manufacturing plant)
  • Munich ( customer site sales office )
  • Ratingen (Production facility, sales office )
  • Bad Unterrodach Valeo Climate Control GmbH ( production plant, R & D center )
  • Rüsselsheim ( customer site sales office )
  • Stuttgart ( sales office, office seating, Germany headquarters)
  • Wemding (manufacturing plant)
  • Wolfsburg ( sales office, development)
  • Neuses (manufacturing plant)

Exchange information

Valeo is traded on the Paris Stock Exchange ( ISIN code: FR0000130338 ).

  • Market capitalization ( March 2013 ): 2.99 billion euros
  • Number of shares ( March 2013 ): 79,462,540
  • Major shareholders March 29, 2013: 86.08 %: Other
  • 3.03%: Caisse de Dépôts et Consignations (CDC )
  • 5.81%: Fund Stratégique d' Investissement (FSI )
  • 5.08%: Lazard AM


The company is formerly been heavily involved in the manufacture of asbestos-containing components ( predominantly in clutch systems and brake pads ) and others at its site in Condé- sur- Noireau in France. After nearly 100 years, asbestos contamination, and after trial, which lasted more than ten years, were Valeo, sentenced several managers and the responsible occupational physician in 2006 and 2007 for manslaughter and injury to render assistance in Condé- sur- Noireau. Valeo has since introduced strict rules on the avoidance and elimination of asbestos risks to employees and former employees; these were ratified an agreement with the French Ministry of the Environment also on 10 April 2009.