( Listen? / I ) Valkenswaard is a municipality in the Netherlands, North Brabant province. The total area of the municipality is 53.11 km ². Valkenswaard has 30 576 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).


  • Valkenswaard, where the local government is
  • Dommelen, the strongly growing with new buildings
  • Borkel shaft

Location and economic

Valkenswaard is located between Eindhoven and the lying in Lommel Belgium. The road between these cities has not been expanded to the highway, because it extends outside the village by natural areas. A new ring road around the center, through the outer area of ​​Valkenswaard.

Valkenswaard has a brewery ( Dommelsch ), a cigar factory, and some small businesses; because of the beautiful, wooded area and the many cafes and nightclubs and tourists come here. A few kilometers south in Wester Hoven is the Center Parc de Kempervennen.

The majority of the inhabitants are commuters who work among other things in Eindhoven or Hasselt (Belgium ). In both cities, there are works of the Philips Group.


In the Middle Ages, it was the poor farming village Wedert (or Verkenswedert because the local farmer lived on the pig; Dutch varken = brab dialect verken = pig.. ) In the 17th century, the village became a center of Falkner, catch here, many of these birds of prey could. A statue in the center of Valkenswaard, still remembers it. Between about 1850 and 1940, the city knew a flourishing cigar industry. On September 17, 1944 this was largely destroyed by acts of war. Only the two largest companies ( " Hofnar " and " Willem II" ) were able to prove some decades after the war. However, by the influx of other small industries, the village grew strongly, partly because employees of Philips works itself chose to build their new homes here.


  • Church of St. Nicholas ( Rijksmonument )
  • The nature reserve " De Malpie ", with woods, heaths, rivers Tongelreep and Dommel and small ponds or lakes (Dutch Vennen ).
  • The museum VSMM ( falconry and cigar manufacturing museum).
  • The Museum of Lithography ( Steendrukmuseum ).
  • The Museum Van Gerwen Lemmens ( religious art ).
  • The flower parade, every year on the second Sunday in September.
  • The lively carnival, when the village " Striepersgat " means.
  • The center has numerous restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and other entertainment places.
  • In the village there are several hotels, campgrounds and swimming pools.


Since 2006 Valkenswaard is one of the Global Champions Tour stations and thus attracts the best riders in the world after Valkenswaard. For years, the site is host of the Motocross World Championship.

The Valkenswaadrse RC has been accepted as the only foreign agent in the German Roller Hockey League.


  • Tienen (Belgium )
  • Salvaterra de Magos (Portugal, 40 km north-east of Lisbon )

Born in the village of

  • Karel Adriaan Deurloo ( b. 1936 ), Reformed pastor, theology professor and author
  • Georges Christoffel Maria Evers (1950-2003), nurse researchers
  • Jan Tops ( b. 1961 ), former show jumping and horse dealer
  • Dominique van Hulst ( born 1981 ), Dutch singer ( Pop )