Vallejo, California

Solano County


Vallejo (English: [ vəleɪhoʊ ], Spanish: [ baʎexo ] ) is a city in Solano County in the U.S. state of California, United States, on the northern edge of the Bay of San Pablo, with 118,349 inhabitants ( 2004). The geographic coordinates are: 38.11 ° N, 122.26 ° West. The metropolitan area has a size of 126.3 km ². Vallejo has a picturesque downtown area, which is bounded by Sacramento, Capitol Street, Sonoma Boulevard and Hudson Alley. In the city, the California Maritime Academy is located.

In 1996, the U.S. Navy Shipyard in Vallejo with their former 10,000 jobs. 2004, the city was one of the places with the strongest job growth. New settlements attracted families from San Francisco, where it was there become too expensive. The housing prices doubled (as in many other places ) within a few years ( " real estate bubble ").

Insolvency in 2008 and consequences

In May 2008, the city announced bankruptcy (see also " subprime crisis "). A bankruptcy judge ignored since then that the city is not completely broken by the demands of their creditors, but also to the fact that the mayor and the city council to bring the finances back into balance.

Potholes on the roads remain unrepaired, in public parking lots overgrown feet high weeds. Four of the eight fire stations closed; the number of police officers has been reduced from 160 to 95. Your use units take off only in acute danger to life and limb.

2010 was one of three secondary schools were closed. An amusement park on the outskirts of Vallejo is the largest taxpayers, hospitals are the largest employers. Most residents who still have a job, commute to San Francisco.

Sons and daughters of the town