Vallourec is a French company with headquarters in Boulogne -Billancourt. The company is listed on the CAC40 stock index. Vallourec produces steel products, especially pipes and vehicle components.

In 1930 Valenciennes - Louvroil - Recquignies. 1957, the company is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

For Vallourec company belonging

  • Tube technology: Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes (worldwide)
  • VAM Drilling (worldwide)
  • Prinver (Mexico)
  • VAM P. C. Inc (Canada)
  • Automotive sector: Interfit (France)
  • Vallourec Composants (worldwide)
  • Valti (France and Germany )
  • Stainless Steel: Cerec (France)
  • Valinox (France)
  • Valtimet (worldwide)