Valsolda is an Italian comune in the Province of Como in the Lombardy region with 1591 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).

The neighboring communities are Cadro (CH), Cimadera (CH), Claino con Osteno, Lanzo d' Intelvi, Lugano (CH), Porlezza, Ramponio Verna, Sonvico (CH), Val Rezzonico

Valsolda lies on the northern shores of Lake Lugano.

The municipality has no center, but consists of a number of fractions ( districts ). Of these, some are located on the shores of Lake Lugano ( Cressogno, S. Mamete, Albogasio, Oria and Santa Margherita - on the opposite shore, south of the lake ), others on the mountain slopes ( Loggio, Drano, Puria, Dasio and Castello).


Valsolda is located on State Road 340 from the Swiss border to the place Cressogno leads a newly built tunnel under the Valsoldatal by ( 7 km Statale Regina 340). After over 25 years of construction and over again made ​​shifts the tunnel was opened in October 2012.


Valsolda is the scene of some novels of Antonio Fogazzaro ( Piccolo mondo antico, Malombra ) and Brunella Gasperini.