Valsta Syrianska IK

Valsta Syrianska Idrotts -och Kulturförening is a Swedish sports club from Märsta. The club is best known for its football team, which plays third-rate since 2001.


The Valsta Syrianska IK was formed in the winter of 1993 from the merger of Valsta IK and Syrianska Föreningen. The newly formed club took over the starting position of Valsta IK in the siebtklassigen Division 6 The team folded in 1994 managed to immediately move up to the Sechstklassigkeit. Two years later, the club reached the fifth league and a year later the team was already viertklassig. First, they found themselves in a relegation battle again - the league was formed in 1998 ensured only by winning the relegation round. In the second year of membership in the Division 3 Norra Svealand played with the team to move up, but failed due to goal difference behind the tied IF Vindhemspojkarna and Topkapi IK.

2000 Valsta Syrianska IK Season Winner Division 3 Norra Svealand and thus made ​​the jump to the third division. Slowly, the team approached the table top there. In 2003, she was with two points behind runners- Väsby IK Division 2 Östra Svealand. Even a year later played with the front, to a point deduction due to crowd trouble took the team to third place.

2005 Valsta Syrianska IK qualified as a table for the newly created Fourth Division 1 Norra and thus survived the Reform League in the third division. In 2007, the team in the relegation battle took place again, but was able to hold with two points ahead of Skiljebo SK from Västerås in the league.