Vân Phong Port


The Van Phong port is under construction deep water and Transshipmenthafen north of Nha Trang in Vietnam.


The Van Phong Bay ( Vinh Phong Vân ) has a natural water depth of 22-27 meters and is protected from sea and swell by the Hon Gom peninsula. No other bay along the Vietnamese coast has similarly good conditions for a deep-water port.


With the first phase, he started on October 31, 2009 2 piers for handling of container ships up to 9,000 TEU and a draft of up to 16.5 meters are created. In two further expand sections facilities to accommodate container ships with 17,000 TEU and more are to be created.

Goods and transport

After the completion of Van Phong Port is to be the leading international seaport of Vietnam. Due to its immediate location along the main shipping lane in the South China Sea, he will close the gap between the Transshipmenthäfen Singapore and Hong Kong and gain importance.