Vanalinn ( estn "old town" ) is a district ( estn asum ) of the Estonian capital Tallinn. It is located in the district Kesklinn ( "downtown" ).


Vanalinn is the oldest part of Tallinn. This part of town was built in the 13th and 14th century and well received. Vanalinn has the title of UNESCO World Heritage. Administratively Vanalinn is a district in Kesklinn district. The district had 3,868 inhabitants June 1, 2012. Its area is 1.2 square kilometers.

Vanalinn has an elevated part, the Toompea (Estonian Toompea ), and a deeper part (Estonian All- linn, German Lower Town, the actual Reval ). Both parts were for centuries separate administrative units. They were united under one administration until 1878. The parts are separated by a wall and connected by two roads: Lühike jalg ( German for " Short Leg ", the official German name Short Toompea ) and Pikk jalg ( " Long Leg ", officially Langer Toompea ).

The Cathedral Hill

Important buildings on Cathedral Hill are:

  • The Toompea Castle or " Toompea Castle " (Estonian Toompea loss). This building is now the headquarters of the Riigikogus, the Estonian Parliament. On one of the corners is the tower Langer Hermann
  • The Stenbock'sche house, the seat of the Estonian Government
  • The Tallinn Cathedral
  • The Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • The House of the Estonian Knighthood (Estonian Eestimaa rüütelkonna hoone ). This building now houses the Estonian Art Academy

At various points, the visitor has a beautiful view of the lower town and the Gulf of Finland. At the foot of the Cathedral Hill Dompark (Estonian Toom Park). The Baltic railway station is located on the other side of the park ( Balti jaam ). It is located in the district Kelmiküla.

The Undercity

In the lower town are:

  • The old Tallinn's Town Hall at Rathausplatz ( Town Hall Square Estonian )
  • The town hall opposite: the Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy (Estonian Raeapteek ), a pharmacy from the 15th century, which is still in use
  • The Holy Spirit Church (Estonian Püha Vaimu Nicholas' Church )
  • The tower Kiek in de Kok
  • The St. Nicholas' Church ( " St. Nicholas Church " )
  • The Russian Orthodox St. Nicholas Nicholas' Church
  • The St Olaf's Church (Estonian Oleviste Nicholas' Church )
  • Buildings of various guilds

City ​​wall

The city wall was in the 15th century 2.35 km long, 13 to 16 feet high and 2 to 3 feet thick. She counted more than 40 towers.

Today there are still 1.85 km city wall with 26 towers. One of these towers is the Fat Margaret with a diameter of 25 meters.


The flag of Estonia on the Long Hermann

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The old Tallinn's Town Hall

The Holy Ghost Church

The Great beach gate with the " Fat Margaret "