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Vanemuine is a theater in Tartu, Estonia. It is the oldest theater in the Estonian language and dates back to the year 1870.

On 24 June 1865, the cultural society Vanemuine Selts was founded on the initiative of Johann Voldemar Jannsen in Tartu. The Company organized in 1869 the first Estonian Song Festival. On the fifth anniversary of its founding, the June 24, 1870, she led the play to The Cousin from Saaremaa ( Saaremaa Onupoeg ) by Lydia Koidula. This was the reasoning of the Estonian National Theatre and the Theatre Vanemuine.

The theater was originally located in a building on the Jaama Street, but the 1903 one was destroyed by fire. A designed by Armas Lindgren new building (now Vanemuise Street) opened in 1906 at the Aia - street, with this began the professional theater.

1944 burned the theater from acts of war. The theater moved to the building of the former German theater of Tartu. This makes today after it burned down again in 1978 and was restored in 1991, the "little house" of Vanemuine. At the old place a new theater building was constructed in 1967, today it is the " big house " of the Vanemuine with 682 seats. A concert hall with 842 seats was opened in 1970.


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