Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation

Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS ) is a specialized in the production of integrated circuits, Foundry, that is, a contract manufacturer for semiconductor products.

The Taiwanese company, headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, was founded in December 1994 as a spin-off of a sub-micrometer - project of the Industrial Technology Research Institute ( ITRI ). The former donors included, among others, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation ( TSMC ), Ministry of Economic Affairs ( MOEA ) and USI Corporation and eleven other institutional investors. Since March 1998 VIS Over-The- Counter (OTC) traded on the GreTai Securities Market. In year later VIS started as a subcontractor of TSMC manufacturing logic and mixed- signal products.

The aim of the spin-off in 1994 was the development and production of DRAM and other semiconductor memory devices. This orientation but was covered by the year 2000, when VIS officially announced convert its business model from a pure DRAM manufacturers in a foundry. Four years later, the DRAM production even ceased completely and VIS is a pure -play foundry.

Currently (2012 ) has two factories VIS for 200 - mm wafers, which allow the monthly production capacity of approximately 140,000 wafers, and employs approximately 3,500 people.