Vanity plate

A vanity plate is a motor vehicle license plate, in which the vehicle owner can influence the allocation of Registration Number, for example, to personalize his mark. The influence is limited by national regulations when awarding marks. More and more countries around the world allow such influence.

In Denmark, Iceland, Latvia and Sweden, the entire label itself can be selected. Even special letters of each local language are allowed in some countries. In Sweden, where the mark personal and therefore are valid for life, you can apply for a fee of a few hundred crowns his personal mark.

Only a portion of the label can be selected, inter alia, in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and also in Namibia and South Africa itself. So must be seen for example in Namibia, the country code (NA).

Many countries allow a personal design only in the context of system -related possible combinations of the plate. This is the case where the user can only select from a pool of possible combinations, for example, in Germany and Switzerland.

In some other countries, although the combination of the number plates is fixed, however, the holder can choose from different designs. Irish number plates often have very different ( partly illegible ) fonts. In Belgium, only the rear license plate issued by the State. The front, the holder can buy in different versions, or manufacture it.


In Germany, uniform fees of 10.20 euro for a vanity plate and possibly 2,60 Euro set for its reservation (as of September 2011). Whereas the corresponding vehicle registration authority or even to a large extent on the websites of the relevant counties and cities vornehmbaren online reservations are not limited defined; typically they are between 10 and 90 days, sometimes longer.

In Austria, the so-called "mark at its option " possible in which the registered owner can apply for almost any letter and number combination as Vormerkzeichen. The reservation or assignment of a vanity plate is connected to a special fee. This reservation is valid for 15 years and may be extended by a new deposit. The funds come a fund benefit for doping of projects in road safety.

In Switzerland, car plates are usually assigned in ascending order by number, but license plates are possible under certain conditions. If a number is free, it may (depending on the number of digits of different heights ) Fee can be obtained for one that can reach a height of up to CHF 10,000. Sometimes such marks are auctioned to the highest bidder, and even higher prices. Since the allocation to a person ( and not a vehicle) is done, a number can also be sold. An authorization takes place only in the residence or place of business canton.

The highest ever price for a license plates paid in February 2008, Sheikh Saed Al- Khouri in the United Arab Emirates with the equivalent of around ten million euros for the number 1