Vapor Trails


Vapor Trails is the title of the 17th studio album, the Canadian rock band Rush has released in May 2002.

After the severe blows of fate, the Neil Peart had to cope with, it has long been uncertain whether Rush would come together again. Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee set about to step up their solo projects and if necessary to go their separate ways. After a motorcycle tour of the States, the drummer felt ready to let go of the past and to confront the future with a new sound of the band.

The result is Vapor Trails: The first album for over 20 years, which does completely without keyboard sounds. Therefore, for the songs are become harder guitar riffs and the integrated bass lines in the foreground.

The very first track enters with a drum intro. The positive mood, the " Ceiling Unlimited " or give " How it is", contrasts with almost mystical, sad melodies like in " Ghost Rider" ( which Neil Peart his America / Mexico Travel processed ) or " Nocturne".



  • Geddy Lee - bass, vocals
  • Alex Lifeson - electric and acoustic guitars
  • Neil Peart - drums