Varzahan Monastery

40.33333340.116667Koordinaten: 40 ° 20 '0 "N, 40 ° 7' 0" E

Varzahan ( Վարզահան Armenian, Turkish Uğrak Kiliseleri or Varzahan Kiliseleri ), was founded in the 12th century Armenian church near the village Uğrak (before renaming Varzahan ), 10 km north-west of Bayburt in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The monastery was gradually destroyed from the 1920s until the mid- 1950s.


It is located in a settlement called Varzahan in the province of Upper Armenia 's historic Armenia. Varzahan was a large Armenian settlement northwest of the city Baberd (now Bayburt ), within the northernmost district of Upper Sper Armenia.

The Austen Henry Layard Assyrologe described it in 1849 as part of a journey from Trebizond to Mosul:

"The only place of any interest, passed during our ride, was a small Armenian village, the remains of a larger, with the ruins of three early Christian churches, Baptist or ream. "


Idealized drawing of the octagonal church of Layard