Vaslui [ vasluj ] ( German: Wassluy ) is a city in Romania and is the county town in the eponymous district. The city had about 70,000 inhabitants in 2007.


The first records of the city in 1435, Ilias I. voivode of Moldavia was. In the years 1439 and 1440 the Tatars conquered the Vltava River, and the city burned down. In the city once existed a large Jewish community. This was decimated in the Holocaust and subsequent emigrations during the communist era.


The unemployment rate in Vaslui was in mid-2003 was 15.1 %, making it one of the highest in the country.

Due to the abundance of deer produced a modest hunting tourism.


The FC Vaslui is a football team in the Romanian League 1


Outstanding attractions include the ruins of the Prince 's Palace and the Sf. Ioan Baptist Church. Both were of Ştefan cel Mare ( Stephen the Great ) built.

Famous people

  • Peneş Curcanul, freedom-fighters
  • Stan Golestan (1875-1956), composer
  • Dragoş Grigore ( born 1986 ), football player
  • Nicolae Milescu (1636-1708), author and diplomat
  • Gheorghe Mironescu (1874-1949), politician
  • Alexandra Nechita ( born 1985 ), artist
  • Theodor Rosetti (1837-1923), writer, journalist, lawyer, diplomat, politician and statesman
  • Constantin Tănase (1880-1945), actor


Vaslui maintains since 2010 a city partnership with the Spanish community of San Fernando de Henares.