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  • SPÖ: 5
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Vasoldsberg is a market town with 4185 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) south-east of Graz.

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Geographical Location

Vasoldsberg is located about 10 km southeast of the provincial capital of Graz in the East Styrian Hill Country. The municipality belongs to the district of Graz-Umgebung in Styria. The municipality is crossed by numerous streams in the catchment area of the river Mur and has a height of 359-509 m.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the following five villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Breitenhilm ( 793 )
  • Premstätten ( 1765 )
  • Vasoldsdberg (287)
  • Wagersbach ( 1214 )
  • Wager field (161 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral Breitenhilm, Premstätten at Vasoldsberg and Wagersbach.

Neighboring communities


The existing at the beginning of the 13th century castle Vasoldsberg belonged to the Sovereign Duke Leopold VI. Whose vassal Ull the Vasoldsberger had its headquarters here. He belonged in 1219 to the retinue of the Duke and was involved as a witness to a study conducted in Vienna goods sale, the certificate is the first mention of the territory of Vasoldsberg. Since the second half of the 18th century castle played Vasoldsberg to which the castle was built in the 16th century, as " district rule " the role of an administrative center for 13 surrounding local villages. The three control communities Breitenhilm, Premstätten at Vasoldsberg and Wagersbach joined in 1849 to the municipality " Premstätten at Vasoldsberg " together. She wears since the name change in 1947, the name Vasoldsberg.


Its proximity to the state capital Vasoldsberg is primarily residential community with a commuter rate of over 70 % and is one of the fastest growing communities in Styria.

Culture and sights


  • Vasoldsberg Castle was built in the 13th century and was until 1428 owned by the bishops of Seckau. However, they had at the Prince Frederick III, the former castle. exits. This was in 1542 converted the castle into a castle in the Renaissance style. In 1628 it fell to the Baron von Herber stone and later changed hands many times, including it served until 1987 as a convalescent home of the Steyr -Daimler -Puch AG. Today, the castle is privately owned.
  • Castle Klingenstein located in the district Premstätten. It originated in the second half of the 17th century. The castle is privately owned. The castle park is a protected area because of its old and rare tree population.
  • The blade Steiner Achteckstadl, the landmark of the community is defined by its brick ornaments and was placed as the first rural barn Austria conservation area ( see links).


In the town there are some scenic walking, hiking and Nordic walking trails.

Economy and infrastructure


Vasoldsberg located at any of the major roads, but yet is easily accessible. The South A 2 motorway from Vienna to Graz is on the junction Lassnitzhoehe (169 ) in about 9 km reachable. About the Kirchbacher road B 73 (Connection Hausmannstätten ) the city of Graz is about 5 km away.

In Vasoldsberg there is no train station. Both the Southern Railway and the Eastern Railway Styrian not reach directly, so the main train station in Graz is about 17 km offers the most affordable option. In addition Vasoldsberg is connected by regular buses with Graz and the neighboring communities.

Graz Airport is about 12 km away.


Parish council

The council consists of 21 members and has been committed to the local council election 2010 mandates the following parties together:


Mayor Joseph is Baumhackl (ÖVP ), 1 vice mayor is Michael Kaufmann (ÖVP ), 2nd Vice Mayor Josef Kozel ( SPÖ).



Sons and daughters of the market town of

  • Ridi Steibl (* 1951), Austrian politician and Member of the National People's Party, who was born in Vasoldsberg

Associated with Vasoldsberg personalities

  • Franz Voves (* 1953), Austrian politician and since 2005 the country of Styria, lives in Vasoldsberg
  • Christian Wessely (born 1965 ), Austrian theologian and musician who lives in Vasoldsberg