Vat 69

Vat 69 is a scotch whiskey which is produced by the company William Sanderson in Edinburgh. The whiskey has an alcohol content of 40 %; a bottle has 7 dl content. The company was founded in Leith 1863 was one of the first who sold his whiskey in bottles. The shape of the bottle is modeled after the bottle of port.


The tub 69

In the late 19th century, William Sanderson decided to produce a blended Scotch whiskey. William Sanderson and his son presented over a hundred different blends together. Then the samples were tasted by some experienced Blend masters and friends. Then the testers picked the barrel, which they considered to be the best. The majority of testers chose the vat ( vat) with the number 69, from which the name of the new blends derived.

William Sanderson

William Sanderson was born in 1839 in Leith. At the age of 13 he began an apprenticeship with a wine and spirits producers. Already in 1863 he owned his own business and set your own liqueurs and whiskey - mixtures ago.

In 1880, his son William Mark Sanderson also joined the company. He managed to convince his father to fill the various blends in bottles. Although Sanderson filled the liqueurs produced by him into bottles, but had so far refused to fill the blends. Thus, the Sandersons were sold the first to whiskey in bottles.

The early 1930s was taken over by Gin Manufacturers Booth's Sanderson company, which in turn joined after 1935 the DCL group. 1980 Vat 69 Reserve was released out of the house Sanderson.

Antarctic expedition

In the years 1914 and 1921, the Vat 69 by Ernest Henry Shackleton was carried on his expeditions.

In the film,

In the mini-series Band of Brothers, about the Second World War, the Vat 69 was the favorite drink of Lewis Nixon (played by Ron Livingston ).

In many gangster films of Scorsese, such as in Goodfellas, appeared on this brand.


Whiskeys that are available in Germany:

  • VAT 69 Finest Scotch Whisky ( 40%)
  • £ 69 Reserve de Luxe Scotch Whisky ( 40%)
  • Glenesk Single Malt Highland Scotch 12 Years Old (40 %)
  • The Antiquary De Luxe Old Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old (40 %)

In Australia, the company sold whiskey Sanderson:

  • 700 ml Vat 69 Fine Scotch Whisky (40 %)