Vaugneray is a commune with 4915 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Rhône department in the Rhône -Alpes. It belongs to Arrondissement Lyon, capital of the canton Vaugneray and member of the Association of Municipalities Vallon du Lyonnais.


The municipality is situated on the Rhône Vaugneray inflow Yzeron, about 20 kilometers west of Lyon.

The town nestled on the hills of the Lyonnais overlooking the settlement area of Lyon and the Alps. The vast territory is used for agriculture, especially surrounded by forest areas.

The passports La luere (714 m) and Malval (732 m) provide direct access to the Valley of Brévenne.

The carrying of the Yzeron valley has the name Val noir: given ( German black valley ); it lies between the towns of Yzeron, Saint -Laurent -de- Vaux and Brindas. The inhabitants of the valley named because of the dark color of the forests on its banks so.

Its economy relies mainly on trade, crafts and agriculture.


The place was from 1886 to 1954 through the web of Vaugneray connected to Lyon. The station was located near the " Maison Blanche ".


The preserved monuments and buildings comply with its historical past: the castle like manor houses from the 17th and 18th centuries, rural dwellings, whose history extends far into the Middle Ages.

There are two castles in Vaugneray:

  • The " Bénévent " Castle is not far from the center. It was built in the 14th century and remodeled in the 16th and 19th centuries. It is now inhabited by several families.
  • The Hoirieu castle located on the street Yzeron. It was remodeled in the 19th century, but you can still find foundations from the year 1200.

Personalities of the community

  • Joseph Vialatoux, philosopher
  • According to tradition, Francis I to have lived here during a hunt for a farmer of the hamlet Milonnière without giving to identify themselves.
  • Joseph Rambaud, economist, businessman, newspaper founder (Le Nouvel list)
  • Khaled Kelkal was killed on 29 Sept. 1995 in front of the Maison Blanche by the police.

Twin Cities

Vaugneray since 1989 has friendly relations with the villages of the municipality of Berghin ( judet Alba ) in Romania, established by the association " de l' Amitié et solidarité intercommunale en ouest lyonnais ".