Wajera (Hebrew " And there appeared " to complete, God ) denotes a reading section ( or Parasha Sidra ) comprises the Torah and the text gene / Bereshit 18.1 to 22.24.

It is the Sidra of the third Shabbat of the month Marche swan.


  • Three hosted by Abraham angels announce the birth of a son of Sara
  • Abraham asks for sparing the city of Sodom and haggle with God
  • The two angels coming to Lot after Sodom and be hospitably received there, are to be delivered to the Sodomites
  • Lot, his wife and two daughters to escape before the city is destroyed by the fiery brimstone
  • Lot's wife looks back and solidify into a pillar of salt
  • In the cave of Zoar Lot testifies, the wine of daughters intoxicated, with each daughter a son, Moab and Ammon, the ancestors of the tribes of the same
  • In the land of the Philistines, Abraham is, as in Egypt Sara as his sister from
  • Isaac's birth, circumcision and weaning
  • Expulsion of Hagar, together with her ​​son Ishmael at the request of Sara
  • In the desert, an angel to Hagar shows a well from which it saturates the thirsty child
  • Alliance of the Philistine king with Abraham
  • After the number seven - Abraham gives Abimelech seven ewe lambs for the fountain - the city receives the name Be'er Sheva ( pun on "Seven Fountains " and " oath fountain" )
  • To put Abraham to the test, God commands him to sacrifice his son Isaac in the land of Moria ( " akeda " )
  • An angel of the Lord intervenes and prevents the sacrifice
  • Enumeration of the descendants of Nahor, Abraham's brother


The associated Haftarah is II Kings 4.1 to 37.