VB 10

VB 10 ( Van Biesbroeck 10) is about 6 parsecs (20 light years ) from Earth distant red dwarf in the constellation eagle.

Astrometric studies

In May 2009, the astronomer Steven Pravdo and Stuart Shaklan NASA 's Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced the discovery of an exoplanet around VB 10 using astrometric methods known. However, subsequent examination of the radial velocity of VB 10 were unable to confirm the propagated exoplanets and exclude the existence of an object with the properties described by Pravdo and Shaklan. Thus, there are at present no reliable evidence for the existence of an exoplanet around VB 10 If there were a confirmation of the discovery, it would be VB 10 b, the first exoplanet that was discovered using astrometry.

For the supposed, with VB 10 b designated companion has a mass of about 6.4 Jupiter masses and an orbital period of just under 272 days was adopted. The web of the attendant should have a semi-major axis of about 0.36 astronomical units and a highly elliptical shape with an eccentricity of up to 0.98, the orbital inclination should be approximately 97 degrees.