VBulletin is a proprietary software solution for web forums and social networks, which is written in the PHP scripting language. For storing the contents of MySQL database is being used.


In 1999, James used Limm and John Percival for their website via the Visual Basic Forum Software UBB.classic. When her Internet presence grew, they realized very soon that the written in Perl, and operating on a file-based database software was not up to the growing demands. In February 2000, they decided to write their own forum software, since they were not familiar with the code of UBB. Initially, the Forum should only be a rematch of UBB, based on PHP and MySQL, which should run only on their own website. Very soon expressed other UBB operator interest in the new software. James Limm and John Percival offered the manufacturer of UBB on their own software to buy, this declined the offer but from. Since there is still demand for the own forum software was high, until they decided to found the company Jelsoft and to commercialize the product by the name of vBulletin 1 commercial.

After some minor publications both decided to write a new version, which should be more than just a remake of the UBB. The development of vBulletin 2 commenced. Limm was responsible for the sales, while Percival lead developer of vBulletin was. With the ever-growing project 2 two other developers were set for the development of vBulletin, Freddie Bingham and Mike Sullivan. During the beta phase of vBulletin 2 Kier Darby joined the team. The release of vBulletin 2 was a success and contributed significantly to the popularity of vBulletin.

In December 2002, the development of vBulletin 3 Percival began decided to give up his role as lead developer and transferred this role to Kier Darby. The development time of vBulletin 3 took several years to complete and resulted in a complete revision of the source code of vBulletin 2 In March 2004, the final version of vBulletin 3 was released. A year later vBulletin 3.5 came out, an improvement of vBulletin 3.0 with many new features.

VBulletin by Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd was. developed and distributed in Germany by RarityGuide. Jelsoft, and thus, all rights to vBulletin been adopted in July 2007 by Internet Brands, Inc.. In December 2008, proclaimed James Limm that the fourth version of the popular forums software is different than planned, published in several steps. Several people, including Mike Sullivan and Kier Darby, left it Jelsoft 2009, and a team of Internet Brands took place before the further development of vBulletin 4 On 13 October 2009 published Internet Brands, a new licensing model for vBulletin with the aim of a to establish new product line. The main focus of the company is therefore no longer on the forum software itself but on the distribution of a " vBulletin Suite". This will include not only the actual forum software a content management system and a blog. The individual products are to be merged with the time all in one suite and act as an application platform for social networking.

Since 2010, vBulletin parent company Internet Brands, Inc. is part of the private equity firm Hellman & Friedman.

Since version 4.1.2, which was released in February 2011, vBulletin has a built-in template for mobile devices such as smartphones.

With the release of the first 5 Connect vBulletin Version terminated Internet Brands cooperation with the German distribution. Since the vBulletin licenses can only be purchased directly.


VBulletin code hacking

" Hacking code " means in vBulletin changing or adding files / codes to improve the board software. Among the best known examples, for example, belongs to the so-called Hide- hack that while invisible makes the text that appears between [ hide] and [/ hide] until you have replied to the post, or pressed to a specific button. The second example would be the so-called Dankomat: As written in forums for a specific or similar informative posts ever postings, like " THX " or " Thank you," someone has written the Danko Maten. The program adds - if the Dankomat has been activated - directly to the origin post a second post one. If you click now on the second posting on the button " thank " you will be listed in the list of users that thank the author for this post.

Meanwhile takes the direct " code hacking" from, however, since the vBulletin has integrated an add -on system from version 3.5. This changes the actual source code ( PHP) are no longer necessary, but it can be easily additionally plays through plug -ins, the modifications / extensions, which is particularly later updates by vBulletin significantly simplified and any enlargement makes individually switched on and off. One speaks therefore no longer the classic " hacking code " but rather of modifications or extensions. One of the best known and most widely used extensions is an arcade system ( ibProArcade for vBulletin), which enables the forums users playing Flash-based games.


Since September 12, 2012 Internet Brands offers the following products:

VBulletin 5 Connect Core Package

The Publishing Suite consists of the forum software, a Facebook app, a content management system and a blog.