Včelnička ( German bees Thal, also Bienental ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located 19 kilometers south-west of Pelhřimov and belongs to Okres Pelhřimov.


Včelnička extends the valley of the same name at the mouth of the creek Včelnička Bohdalínský creek in the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands. To the north rises the 615 m high Padronov, at the foot of the pond is Sýkorák. The narrow gauge railway line Jindřichův Hradec - Obrataň performs Včelnička, where there is also a train station is located.

Neighboring towns are Nová Ves in the north, Dráchov in the northeast, Kamenice nad Lipou in the east, Březí, Gabrielka, Kalich and Kutlov the southeast, Vlčetinec and Dívčí Kopy in the south, Stary Bozdechov and Bukovka the southwest, Betlem and Bohdalín in the west and Benešov in the northwest.


The village was first mentioned in 1379 as part of the owned by the Rosenberg castle Choustník rule. After a local chronicle created in 1991 by students is in place since 1310 have stood a fortress, whose other owners are also named. However, the creators refrained in their work in the county archives Pelhřimov any references, so that the former findings are not considered secure. In 2002, employees investigations were unsuccessful. On April 20, 1467 the town was burned down, the circumstances surrounding this are not known. 1620 put in the time to rule Černovice associated village a recatholicisation.

1869 lived in Včelnička 380 inhabitants and 1900, there were 573 Since then, the population has declined sharply. 1906, the narrow- gauge railway from Obrataň to Jindřichův Hradec was inaugurated. In the village is a glassworks.

Community structure

For the community Včelnička no districts are reported.


  • Narrow gauge railway Obrataň - Jindřichův Hradec, technical monument
  • Statue of St. John of Nepomuk


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