Vchynicko ( German Wchinitz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located two kilometers west of Lovosice in linkselbischen part Bohemian Central Mountains and belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


The village is located in the valley of Vchynický creek at the southern foot of the Lovoš. In the southwest rises the Ovčín and west lies with the Boreč another prominent mountain cone.

By the Vchynicko in operation since May 2012 D8 motorway ( E 55 ) runs by means of a noise bridge. East of Vchynicko, at the foot of the Bohemian Uplands touch the D8 motorway from Ústí nad Labem - Prague Junction Lovosice -sever, the east-west running State Road 15 Trebenice - Litoměřice, the north-south running state road 8 of Teplice and State Road 30 through the Elbe Valley of Ústí nad Labem.

Neighboring towns are Lhotka nad Labem in the northeast, Lovosice in the east, in the southeast Sulejovice, Čížkovice and Jenčice in the south, Radostice the southwest, Boreč in the West, as well as Režný Újezd ​​and Bílinka in the northwest.


The first written mention of the village was carried out in 1205 under the name Chyna. Owners of Vchynicko and the surrounding villages Opárno, Medvědice, Měrunice and Velké Žernoseky was the noble family of Wchinsky Wchynice (known as Kinsky ), which probably had their headquarters here. One of the most important landlords of Vchynicko was Jan Dlask of Wchynice, the 1464 rule took and was buried in the St. Vitus Cathedral. Parts of the village were in 1541 in the possession of Albrecht Kyšperský of Vřesovice over.

In 1756 the town and its surroundings were the scene of the first military action in the Seven Years War, the Battle of Lobositz.

Local structure

The municipality consists of the villages Vchynicko Vchynicko ( Wchinitz ) and Radostice ( Radositz ), at the same time also form Katastralbezirke.


  • Chapel
  • Statue of Saint Wenceslas



District Radostice