VD 17

The list published in the German speaking countries in the 17th century ( short VD 17) is a bibliographic database that is to be a retrospective national bibliography of the 17th century. A similar bibliography for the 16th century is VD 16 VD The 18 (short for " list published in the German speaking countries in the 18th Century" ) is a planned retrospective German national bibliography of the 18th century.


The funded by the German Research Foundation database was started on 1 July 1996. Ten to twelve years were estimated for the duration of the project. In the database, all German titles and all printed and laid on the former German speaking countries works recorded (regardless of their language ). Not included are music and maps. The cataloging of prints is based on autopsy of the originals. In addition, the catalog contains the information of the user and to determine the different editions of a work digital facsimiles of certain key pages. In addition, there are numerous full digitized.

The database currently contains ( December 2012) approximately 282,500 titles with 696,000 copies. These are linked to nearly 750,000 key pages. Key pages are usually

  • Title pages
  • Pages with names of recipients of tribute
  • Beginning of the main part
  • Colophon
  • Printer brands

Perhaps the VD17 records only half of the relevant prints from the 17th century.


Cooperation partner of the VD 17 are:

  • Berlin State Library
  • Saxon State Library - State and University Library Dresden
  • Goettingen State and University Library
  • University and Research Library Erfurt / Gotha
  • University and State Library Saxony- Anhalt Halle
  • The Bavarian State Library in Munich
  • Nuremberg City Library
  • Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar
  • Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel
  • Ratsschulbibliothek Zwickau
  • State Library of Coburg

Numerous other large libraries with significant legacy list their title in the VD -17 database, including the Augsburg University Library, the Library of Philosophy and Theology Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt am Main, the Thuringian University and State Library of Jena and the State Library of Regensburg.

The VD 17 is involved in various scientific portals and is among others accessible via the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK ), the database is on a server in the Common Library Network (GBV ).