With VDA -FS, we describe a data format for the exchange of geometry information between different CAD systems.

VDA -FS is the abbreviation for Association of the Automotive Industry - surface interface.

With this interface, only 3-D information can be transmitted and no drawing information such as IGES or STEP, with the possible.

VDA -FS was and is mainly used to convert 3D data between CAD ​​systems such as CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro / ENGINEER and Tebis. Some measuring machines detect contours in this format and provide the data so that CAD systems are available, so for example, a SET-ACTUAL comparison is possible.

VDA -FS Version 2.0 includes the following elements:

  • Geometric elements point
  • Point sequence
  • Point - vector sequence
  • Circle
  • Curve
  • Surface
  • Curve on a surface
  • Limiting surface
  • Polysurface
  • First and final labels
  • Comment
  • Group
  • Transformation matrix
  • Transformation list
  • CAD data format