The acronym refers to VDD:

  • A possible design of cardiac pacemakers, see VDD pacemaker
  • Association of Dieticians - German Federal Association, the professional association of dietitians
  • Association of German Dioceses
  • Association of German Writers, Berlin
  • Association of German druggist, Dusseldorf
  • Association of German pressure chamber centers, Traunstein
  • German Wirehaired Pointer Club, club of dog breeders and holders
  • Association of German endurance rider
  • Association of German Engineers pressure, Darmstadt
  • Small train Voldagsen - Duingen - Delligsen in the Weser mountain country
  • Volkspartij voor de Vrijheid Democracy, a right-wing liberal party in the Netherlands
  • Industry Association bitumen roofing and waterproofing membranes, Frankfurt am Main
  • Abbreviation for: valve cover gasket

Vdd denotes:

  • The positive power supply voltage of an integrated circuit and the field effect transistor, see voltage designation
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