VDF is an abbreviation for:

  • United lathe factories
  • VHF Direction Finder, VHF direction finder of the aeronautical radionavigation service; see also QDM
  • Association of German falconer, hawking an association in the five new federal states.

VdF is an abbreviation for:

  • Association of Executives
  • Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry, an association of fruit juice beverage producers
  • Association of fencing master, an association for academic Mensurfechten
  • Association of the fire departments in North Rhine- Westphalia
  • Association of Film Distributors
  • Association of the meat industry, an association of companies in the livestock and meat sector
  • Association of German outdoor stages, an association of non-commercial open-air venues
  • Association of footballers, a union similar Austrian Sports Federation
  • Association of French teachers and teacher

Df is an abbreviation for:

  • Vdf Hochschulverlag AG at the ETH Zurich, the scientific publishing house of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
  • Virus definition file
  • Vinylidene fluoride, a chemical used for the manufacture of plastics; see 1.1 difluoroethene
  • Vodafone, the world's second- largest mobile phone company based in the United Kingdom
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