Vector Linux is a Slackware -based Linux distribution from Vancouver ( Canada). The distribution is developed by Robert S. Lange, his wife Cara Leah Long and Darrell Stavem and runs on Intel, AMD and x86 compatible PC systems from i586. The programmers of Vector Linux have set themselves the goal of simple and small to keep the distribution and let the user decide what to make the operating system. The operating system is used for smaller desktops to servers. In addition to the standard edition, which is developed according to the developers more for the older hardware that runs from just 128 megabytes of memory and uses the Xfce desktop environment, there is also a " SOHO " edition ( " SOHO " stands for small office / home office ) for more modern computer with KDE as a working environment, a "light " edition with the resource saving window manager JWM and Fluxbox, which is already running from 64 megabytes of RAM and thus, for example, comparable to the Linux distribution Damn Small Linux, and a "live " edition that can be used as a live system. In addition, a fee-based "Deluxe" version is available, which contains in addition to the standard edition, many add-on packages such as KDE or the office suite


It offered four editions of Vector Linux SOHO, Standard, Light and Live.

SOHO Edition

The SOHO ( Small Office / Home Office) Edition is designed for modern computers and is based on the KDE Software Compilation 4 desktop environment. Applications include LibreOffice, Java, GIMP, xsane, CUPS, Xara Xtreme, financial applications, and more. A deluxe edition of SOHO, which contains additional applications, is also available.

Standard Edition

Standard Edition is an edition based on Xfce and specifically for use on older computers with slower processors and less RAM designed. The Deluxe version includes the standard edition as well as numerous other applications specific to that VL version. The CD contains many additional applications.

Light Edition

The Light Edition is designed for older computers with limited storage space on the hard disk. It is based on LXDE, JWM, and Fluxbox. It comes with Opera as browser / email / chat client and contains some of the applications from the Standard Edition. More applications are available via the package manager or by compiling by the user. The Light Edition is also used on computers with only 64 MB of RAM.

Live Edition

The Live Editions are bootable CD -ROMs and allows the user to perform the testing of the distribution without installation on the hard disk to have. It is also possible to install Vector Linux from the live CD edition. Vector Linux currently has two live editions: Standard and SOHO. The latest edition is a preview of the deluxe edition.

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