Veda Hille

Veda Hille ( born August 11, 1968 in Vancouver ) is a Canadian singer-songwriter in the tension between pop, classical, folk and jazz.


She began playing the piano quite freely at the age of six years. Ten years belonged to the classical tradition, they became increasingly interested in pop music influences. In the late teens, she went on to jazz piano. Her parents often subjected to. She found her calming influence in even practiced music and art interests. At the end of her training, she went to art school, the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver. She studied sculpture, film and performance art, performance art and graduated. She also worked as a junior chef. Her career as a professional musician in 1992 took shape in their own indie demo tapes. Then were mainly original compositions with piano, guitar and voice, with which they successfully competed for first stage appearances in western Canada. In those years she tried also whether an embedding as a choreographer and arranger for she came into the Canadian modern dance scene in question, which it then but did not pursue.

As a 26 -year-old brought in 1994 her first album out. Since then, approximately at the distance of 18 months each come out a new album from her. She presented in 1997 his own band ( piano, bass, guitar, drums), with which she toured as a kind of art-rock show, especially in Canada, the U.S., Germany and Switzerland. The cast is largely unchanged since then:

  • Veda Hille - voice, piano, tenor guitar, Casio synthesizer
  • Martin WALTON - Bass, bottleneck guitar
  • Ford PIER - guitar, organ, French horn
  • Barry Mirochnick - drums, singing saw, percussion

Music and lyrics

It is both as a composer and as a singer-songwriter - poet extremely eccentric and independent. Nevertheless, they are again and again made ​​comparisons with Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morissette and PJ Harvey.


  • 2008 - album This Riot Life
  • 2005 - Album Return of the Kildeer
  • 2004 - Escape Album Songs
  • 2002 - live album Auditorium ( Vancouver East Cultural Centre );
  • 2002 - Silver Album
  • 2001 - Field Study album song cycle for the 25th Vancouver Folk Music Festival
  • 1999 - album You do not live in this world alone
  • 1998 - concept album Here is a Picture. Songs of Emily Carr
  • 1997 - Album Spine
  • 1996 - women in ( e) motion: Veda Hille
  • 1994 - album Path of a Body
  • 1992 - Indie - Tapes songs of people and buildings