Vehicle licence

The vehicle registration certificate issued by the vehicle registration authority ( Road Traffic Authority) in the presence or re-registration of road vehicles and is used to identify a vehicle subject to registration. Since October 2005, the vehicle registration in Germany EU-wide regulations as subject to registration certificate, as is the case in Austria since 2003. The new tamper- protected vehicle registration certificates, which are still hot vehicle registration in the law, this designation in the form part wear, however, only as a parenthesis the official name registration certificate I.

Legal Significance

In Germany the vehicle registration certificate (§ 11 FZV ) since October 1, 2005 Part I of the registration certificate, which is part II of the registration certificate. The vehicle registration certificate contains the main technical details underlying the approval basis, and name and address of the person to which the vehicle is registered, registration number and endorsements on the implementation of the main study. However, it contains no information about the emissions test, so to a separate certificate must be proven, but contrary to popular opinion does not carry mandatory. Authorized persons to submit this certificate on request.

The authorization of a road vehicle, a new registration certificate with the allocation of the registration plate (Part I) issued and when logging off of the vehicle, the previous vehicle registration is canceled.

Appearance and texture are in Appendix 5Vorlage: § § / Maintenance / old URL buzer ( and plant 6Vorlage: / old URL buzer § § / maintenance for vehicles of the Bundeswehr ) prescribed the FZV. The Directive on the registration certificate Part I and Part II ( Traffic Gazette 2005 p 188) the vehicle registration document and governs the issue and completion by registration authorities.

The vehicle registration certificate is a certificate so that the provisions of § 267 of the Penal Code ( forgery ) applicable.

The police shall be entitled, during a check for inspection in the vehicle registration certificate, he is according to § 11 paragraph 5 when driving a motor vehicle shall be kept permanently FZV. When leaving the vehicle, the vehicle registration document is not to be left in the car to give in case of theft of the car the thief no legitimacy to drive this vehicle. If the registration document is not carried at a police control or not presented on demand, is a misdemeanor under § § 48 No. 5 before FZV and can be a fine of 10 euros entail ( BKat No. 174).

Contrary to widespread opinion, the holder of a motor vehicle is not necessarily identical to that on which the vehicle is registered. Holder of a motor vehicle who uses a vehicle permanently on its own account and in addition exercising control over the vehicle. The owners of property and the access to road transport are normally only circumstantial evidence for the holder property. It is therefore possible, for example, that person A is the owner of a vehicle that is allowed on Person B, while Person C will defray the expenses and features of the vehicle and thus holder. Only the holder meets the strict liability under § 7 StVG.

Description of the old vehicle document

The vehicle registration certificate contains:

Page 1

  • Registration number
  • Name and date of birth of the person to whom the vehicle is registered
  • Address of the person to whom the vehicle is registered
  • Registration for the first major investigation after the issue
  • Date
  • Seal of the issuing authority
  • Signature of bank official

Page 2

  • Key numbers for 1 - to 2 - to 3
  • 01 Vehicle and Body
  • 02 vehicle manufacturers
  • 03 type and design
  • 04 vehicle identification number
  • 05 Engine
  • 06 Top speed in km / h
  • 07 Power in kW at min -1 ( rpm)
  • 08 Displacement in cc
  • 09 use or load in kg
  • 10th volume of the tank in cubic meters
  • 11 Steh-/Liegeplätze
  • 12 seats including the driver's place and jump seat
  • 13 Overall dimensions in mm (length / width / height)
  • 14 Empty weight in kg
  • 15 Permissible gross weight in kg

Page 3

Page 4

  • Notes on the implementation of other major studies
  • Registration of the decommissioning
  • Issuing Admissions Office with official seal (stamp, sticker or adhesive seal)

Pages 5 and 6

  • Information text for general operating and definition of the field labels on pages 2 and 3
  • An optically variable security feature in the form of a kinegram and continuous form number