Vehicle registration plates of Albania

At present in Albania different types of license plates in use. All generally have on black writing on white background and comply with the pan-European dimension of 520x110 mm.

Current signs

The current license plates were introduced on 16 February 2011 and are based largely on the Italian Euro plate. The signs show both ends of a blue box. On the left side it includes the double-headed eagle of the Albanian coat of arms as well as the distinguishing sign of AL. On the right side, the year of approval appears in the blue box. The indication of the year, however, is voluntary as in Italy. The actual combination is continuous and therefore does not allow any conclusions as to the origin of the vehicle. It consists of two letters followed by a hologram of three digits and two letters.

Temporary signs have red font. The combination consists of two letters, a number and the letters PRK for Albanian Përkohshme or PROV. Number plates for taxis also have red font, but have a yellow background. They show two letters, three digits followed by the letter T for Taksi ( taxi). Diplomatic have green writing. You begin with the letters CD for members of the diplomatic corps or TR for other embassy staff. Vehicles of the Albanian police wearing plate with blue inscription and the letters MB for Ministria Brendshme ( Ministry of Interior ). Number plates for agricultural vehicles have white lettering on a green background. The signs show after the two consecutive letters the letters MB for Makine Bujqësore (agricultural machine). Trailer Features include the letter R for Rimorkio ( trailer). Vehicles of the Albanian Armed Forces have different license plate. They show a U for Ushtria (Army) followed by only digits.

Old formats

By the early 1990s, white signs, which consisted of two letters of the home district, a red star and a combination of numbers were issued. Diplomatic reported on the label TD for troops diplomacy.

In the early 1990s the indicator system was reformed. The signs were henceforth two-letter, the encrypted the corresponding circles, as well as a continuous four-digit number. At the end there was another letter. The marks were later supplemented by a red band on the left edge, which showed the double-headed eagle of the Albanian coat of arms above the letters AL. In addition, a variant of the DIN font now been used as a font. In 2002, the font was again modified.

Diplomatic license plate had green writing and largely resembled the present-day signs. They showed the letters CD and four digits in two groups of two, separated by a hyphen. The first two digits indicate this to the area of ​​origin. Taxi signs showed at the end of the shield, the superimposed letter taxi. Yellow number plates with black writing were given to official vehicles. The police used until 2011 signs saying POLICIA and a number combination in dark blue color.

License plate of diplomatic missions

Police Plate

License plate of the armed forces

Senior Diplomatic

Origin code (until 2011 )

  • BC Circle Tropoja ( Bajram Curri )
  • BZ circle Bulqiza ( Bulqiza )
  • DI district of Dibra ( Peshkopia )
  • DL circle Delvina ( Delvina )
  • DR circle Durres ( Durres )
  • DV circle Devoll ( Bilisht )
  • EL circle Elbasan ( Elbasan )
  • ER circle Kolonja ( Erseka )
  • FR circle Fier ( Fier )
  • GJ circle Gjirokastra ( Gjirokastër )
  • GR District Gramsh ( Gramsh )
  • HS circle Has ( Kruma )
  • KJ circle Kavaja ( Kavaja )
  • KO circle Korca ( Korce )
  • KR Circle Kruja ( Kruja )
  • KU circle Kukes ( Kukes )
  • KV circuit Kuçova ( Kuçova )
  • LA county Kurbin ( Laç )
  • LB circle Librazhd ( Librazhd )
  • LE Lezha district ( Lezha )
  • LU circle Lushnja ( Lushnja )
  • MA circle Malësia e Madhe ( Koplik )
  • MK circle Mallakastra ( Ballsh )
  • MR Mirdita District ( Rrëshen )
  • MT Circle Mat ( Burrel )
  • PE circle Peqin ( Peqin )
  • PG county Pogradec ( Pogradec )
  • PR circle Përmet ( Përmet )
  • PU circle Puka ( Puka )
  • SH circuit Shkodra ( Shkoder )
  • SK circle Skrapar ( Çorovoda )
  • SR circuit Saranda ( Saranda )
  • TP circuit Tepelenë ( Tepelenë )
  • TR circle Tirana ( Tirana)
  • VL circuit Vlora ( Vlora )