Vehicle registration plates of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The license plate in Bosnia and Herzegovina show since September 28, 2009 at the left edge of a blue bar with the country code BIH and therefore comply with the pan-European standard. The number -letter combination follows the pattern A12- B -123 and gives no information about the origin of the vehicle. The signs use, developed in Germany FE font.

Agricultural vehicles have number plates with green label. Flag for taxis begin with the letters TA followed by a hyphen and six digits. Temporary signs have red text and show the letters TT. As part of the license plate 2009 reform also new diplomatic license plates were introduced. Those now show yellow text on a light blue background and are thus similar to the strong Croatian diplomats signs. The first signs show a number that encrypts the country of origin and a letter which indicates the status of the mission. It ends with a three-digit serial number.

Vehicles of the armed forces have different labels. Point at the left edge the National coat of arms and the letters OS BiH Bosnian Oružane Snag of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is followed by a sequential number, a hyphen and a letter.

The distinguishing signs of BIH is occasionally shown on vehicles with a small i.


Transitional period with different indicator

Until the disintegration of SFR Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav flag system was used. With the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, first a transitional system was introduced. The color design in black and white has been retained, but it accounted for any symbolism. The signs showed the two regional letters followed by a four-to five-digit number at the beginning. After a plaque appeared a single letter.

Republika Srpska In the Republika Srpska, one of two entities in today's State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, custom license plates were issued from 1992 /1993. They were like the Yugoslav or Serbian signs, but used for the coding of the origin Cyrillic letters. After the Region Codes the old coat of arms of Republika Srpska, and two groups of digits separated by a hyphen followed. Trailer license plate showed the region at the end of the shield, number plates of police were blue and started with a П.

Republic of Herceg- Bosna Also in the Croat- federal areas mark were issued from 1992/1993 that resembled the Croatian system. The only difference from the Croatian signs was that was displayed after the region shortcut instead of the Croatian coat of arms that the internationally unrecognized Republic of Herceg- Bosna.

In the Muslim areas own signs was issued in 1994, supplemented in 1995 with a blue stripe with the arms and the distinguishing signs of BIH on the left.

New rules 1998

By decision of the High Representative of the international community took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1998 to reform the license plates. This was due to further ongoing national hostilities and attacks on members of the other nationality. They wanted to make it impossible to identify the origin and thus the probable ethnicity on the license plate. With the introduction of the anonymous system, the old number plates have been completely abolished. They were white with black lettering, left three digits followed by a letter and right again three digits, each separated by a hyphen. There were only uses the letters that have the same meaning in Serbian Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, which are A, E, J, K, M and T, but not the letter O, because it can be confused with the digit 0. The writing corresponded to the German DIN font. Temporary valid signs had a yellow background. Diplomatic oriented with yellow text on black background continues on the Yugoslav system. They began with the one above the other symbol of the region ( mostly SA for Sarajevo) and initially showed a number that encoded the country of origin. After a hyphen followed by a letter and a hyphen after another consecutive number.

Registration districts

- Bosnian abbreviation of the Yugoslav system - shortcut in the Bosnian system to 1998 - Codes of the Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia to 1998 - abbreviation of the Republika Srpska until 1998