Vehicle registration plates of France

Since April 15, 2009, the license plates are numbered consecutively in France after the pattern AB -123 CD. The previous system was since 1 April 1950. The last indicator under the old system were assigned vehicles at a department change until 13 October 2009.

Current Designation System (SIV, " Système d' immatriculation de véhicules " )

The marks will be awarded in a national series continually updated to the pattern AB -123 -BC. Both the front and the rear license plate usually have black letters on a white background. On the left side is the euro blue field with the nationality code F. The former regional coding with the number of the department is no longer possible. Since the regional designations were quite popular in the population, led to a planned change to protests. As a result, the indicator received another blue box on the right side by the logo of a region and the number of départements are presented. It can region and associated Départment be chosen freely and are not tied to the place of registration. For two-wheelers over 50 cc corresponding two-line labels are assigned. The possibility of a vanity plate does not exist.

The French flag so that borrowed heavily from the Italian label scheme, introduced in 1999, to which it also allowed on the right side optional origin and, moreover, indicate also the year of the vehicle. A similar system was introduced in February 2011 in Albania.

With the changeover to the new system, the special indicator for police, military and other authorities were abolished. The vehicles of the institutions now wear normal series plates. Occasionally (eg the police ) complements this by unofficial sticker of the appropriate authority.

The first characteristic of the current system secured the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda. Laurent Hamard, Sales Manager at Mazda France, received the combination AA -001- AA for his Mazda 6.

The license plates remain " for life " on the vehicle, which will make it difficult to trade in stolen cars. In addition, the new orange pink slips are (formerly gray) to include new safety features to make it more difficult fakes.

Special series

Dealer and test indicator

Dealer Plate for test and test drives wear in France traditionally the letter W. There follow the usual format of three digits and two letters. General temporary license plate show the letters WW. Even with these signs the representation of a region logo or the Department number at the right margin is possible.

Temporary license plate

Temporary valid indicator show silver colored font on a red background. On the left side is the euro area, which is attributable blue bar to the region specified. Instead, give the right margin on each other standing monthly and annual figures, the date when the maximum validity to. The signs use a combination of the regular series award.

Free trade zones

A special case, the indicator in the areas of high Savoy and Pays de Gex; they correspond with red background and a silver-colored inscription essentially temporary signs. However, they show on the right side the Region field. For both areas, the logo of the Rhône -Alpes region is shown. In the case of high Savoy it is supplemented by the number 74 for the Haute-Savoie department in the Pays de Gex to the 01 for the department of Ain.

Moped License Plate

Since 1 July 2004 motorcycles must also be provided with 50 cm ³ at registration or change of holder with an identification number. These characteristics corresponded with regard to the string already five years earlier to the later general system introduced. The combination starts with two letters followed by up to three digits and another letter. In the upper left corner is the euro area.

Flag for historic vehicles

For historic vehicles optional black plates with silver inscription will be awarded. The combination corresponds to the normal series, but missing the blue bars on both sides.


Overseas Territories

In the five overseas departments Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Réunion and Mayotte regular series license plate will be issued, as these areas have the same status as mainland departments. Since the department numbers are here three digits ( 971-976 ), the first two digits are arranged one above the other. In the case of no Mayotte Regions logo is displayed. In the other French overseas territories specific marking systems are used.

  • Saint -Pierre- et- Miquelon: SPM letters, followed by one to three digits and a letter
  • Saint -Barthélemy: no Europe field, one to three digits, followed by a letter
  • Saint- Martin: four digits followed by a hyphen and three letters
  • New Caledonia: a Europe field, one to six digits followed by the letter pair NC
  • Polynesia: no Europe field, one to six digits followed by the letter P
  • Kerguelen: two digits to indicate the Erstzulassungsjahres, followed by four consecutively assigned numbers
  • Wallis and Futuna: no Europe field, one to four digits followed by the letter WF


French diplomatic license plates since 1965 have a dark green background and usually orange or silver inscription. The marks begin with a one-to three -digit number that encrypts the country of origin or the international organization. It follows the more accurate indication of the status of the letters CMD ( Ambassador, Chef de mission diplomatique ), CD ( diplomat ), C (consul ) or K ( other employees). In conclusion appears a continuous serial number. In the case of Konsularkennzeichen still follows the number of the department, as these are allocated by local authorities and not like the other signs diplomats from the State Department. Belonging to specific international organizations is indicated by an additional letter in front of the source code, where E is the OECD, S stands for the Euro Europe and U for the UNESCO. In this case, the original source code 200 is added to the number.

1 Afghanistan Afghanistan 2 South Africa South Africa 3 Albania Albania 4 Algeria Algeria 5 Germany Germany 6 United States United States 7 Egypt Egypt 8 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 9 Argentina Argentina 10 Australia 11 Austria Austria 12 Belgium 13 Myanmar Myanmar 14 Bolivia Bolivia 15 Bhutan Bhutan 16 Brazil Brazil 17 Bulgaria Bulgaria 18 Burundi Burundi 19 Cambodia Cambodia 20 Cameroon Cameroon 21 Canada Canada 22 Central African Republic Central African Republic 23 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 24 Chile Chile 25 free, former Republic of China 26 People's Republic of China People's Republic of China 27 Cyprus Republic of Cyprus 28 Colombia Colombia 29 Republic of Congo Republic of Congo 30 Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of Congo 31 Flag of South Korea South Korea 32 Costa Rica Costa Rica 33 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast 34 Cuba Cuba 35 Benin Benin 36 Denmark Denmark 37 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 38 El Salvador El Salvador 39 Ecuador Ecuador 40 Spain 41 Ethiopia Ethiopia 42 Finland Finland 43 Gabon Gabon 44 Ghana Ghana 45 United Kingdom UK 46 Greece Greece 47 Guatemala Guatemala 48 Guinea Guinea 49 Haiti Haiti 50 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso

51 Honduras Honduras 52 Hungary Hungary 53 India India 54 Indonesia 55 Iraq Iraq 56 Iran Iran 57 Ireland Ireland 58 Iceland Iceland 59 Israel Israel 60 Italy Italy 61 Jamaica 62 Japan Japan 63 Jordan Jordan 64 Kenya Kenya 65 Kuwait Kuwait 66 Laos Laos 67 Lebanon Lebanon 68 Liberia Liberia 69 Libya Libya 70 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 71 Luxembourg Luxembourg 72 Malaysia Malaysia 73 Malawi Malawi 74 Madagascar Madagascar 75 Mali Mali 76 Morocco Morocco 77 Mauritania Mauritania 78 Mexico Mexico 79 Monaco Monaco 80 Nepal Nepal 81 Nicaragua Nicaragua 82 Niger Niger 83 Nigeria Nigeria 84 Norway Norway 85 New Zealand New Zealand 86 Uganda Uganda 87 Pakistan Pakistan 88 Panama Panama 89 Paraguay Paraguay 90 The Netherlands The Netherlands 91 Peru Peru 92 Philippines Philippines 93 Poland Poland 94 Portugal 95 free, former Rhodesia 96 Romania Romania 97 Rwanda Rwanda 98 San Marino San Marino 99 Vatican City Vatican City 100 Senegal Senegal

101 Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 102 Somalia Somalia 103 Sudan Sudan 104 Sweden Sweden 105 Switzerland Switzerland 106 Syria Syria 107 Tanzania 108 Chad Chad 109 free, former Czechoslovakia 110 Thailand Thailand 111 Togo Togo 112 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 113 Tunisia Tunisia 114 Turkey Turkey 115 Russia Russia 116 Uruguay Uruguay 117 Venezuela Venezuela 118 Vietnam 119 Yemen Yemen 120 Serbia Serbia 121 Zambia Zambia 122 Mauritius Mauritius 123 Mongolia Mongolia 124 free, Former South Yemen Bangladesh 125 Bangladesh 126 Qatar Qatar 127 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 128 free, former GDR 129 Singapore Singapore 130 Oman Oman 131 Bahrain Bahrain 132 North Korea North Korea 133 Seychelles Seychelles 134 Malta Malta 135 Djibouti Djibouti 136 Comoros Comoros 137 Angola Angola 138 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea 139 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 140 Cape Verde Cape Verde 141 Guinea- Bissau Guinea- Bissau 142 Mozambique Mozambique 143 Suriname Suriname 144 Saint Lucia St. Lucia 145 Gambia Gambia 146 Brunei Brunei 147 Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe 148 Belize Belize 149 Namibia Namibia 150 Estonia Estonia

151 Latvia Latvia 152 Lithuania Lithuania 153 Ukraine Ukraine 154 Bahamas Bahamas 155 Barbados 156 Botswana Botswana 157 Fiji Fiji 158 Grenada 159 Guyana Guyana 160 Lesotho Lesotho 161 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 162 Samoa Samoa 163 Tonga Tonga 164 Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 165 Slovenia 166 Croatia Croatia 167 Slovakia Slovakia 168 Czech Czech 169 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 170 Macedonia Macedonia 171 Armenia Armenia 172 Belarus Belarus 173 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 174 Georgia Georgia 175 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 176 Iraq Iraq 177 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 178 Azerbaijan 179 Andorra Andorra 180 Eritrea Eritrea 181 Moldova Moldova 182 Saint Vincent Grenadines St. Vincent and the Grenadines 183 Dominica Dominica 184 Saint Kitts Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis 185 Montenegro Montenegro 186? 187? 188? 189? 190 Quebec City 191 ICJ 192? 193 North Korea North Korea 194? 195 Palestine National Authority Palestinian Territories 196 Republic of China Republic of China 197 Kosovo Kosovo

401 UNESCO UNESCO 402 OECD 403 NATO 404 free, former ELDO 405 ESA 406 Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine 407 ICAO ICAO 408 IBRD 409 IMF 410 UNICEF UNICEF 411 UNIC 412 ILO 413 free, former WEU 414 UNRWA 415 Europaische Union European Union 416 EURATOM 417 ERA, ECSC to 2002 418 EPPO 419 WMO 420 € Control 421 OIV 422 BR

423 IDB 424 International Polar Institute 425 Inter-African Coffee Organization 426 African insurance conference 427 African and Malagasy Coffee Organization 428 FGYO 429 CIPEC 430 BCEAO 431 CERN 432 Interpol 433 IOF 434 BIPM 435 EMBL 436 Arab Bank for Economic Development 437 UNEP 438 OIE 439 International Centre for Registration of Serial 440 Eutelsat 441 Western Union Intelsat 442 443 BEAC

444 IARC 445 EBRD 446 CPVO 447 Secretary General of the IOF 448 ECtHR 449 Arab League Arab League 450? 451 European Commission 452 OCCAR 453 EU ISS 454 ITER

500 International High Representative 501 free, former Parisian Vietnam Conference 502 free, former Parisian Vietnam Conference 503 free, former Parisian Vietnam Conference 504 free, former Parisian Vietnam Conference 505 free, former International Conference on Economic Cooperation

600 EUR Europe

700 IARC

800 free, 1965-1970 NATO in France

Old Designation System ( FNI)

More information

For more information, particularly on the respective registration year, and a more detailed listing of the groups of letters are in the Article Classification of License Plate ( France).