Vehicle registration plates of Iceland

The license plate of Iceland have a white base color since 1990 and consist of two blue letters and blue three digits. There is a sticker between the letters and numbers. Since 2004, they show in the left margin of Iceland national flag as well as the distinguishing sign of IS. Due to the growing vehicle population, a new combination for the pattern AB C12 was started in 2007. The combinations are assigned sequentially and do not allow conclusions on the origin of, the vehicle. There is also the possibility of a vanity plate, in which the character combination can be chosen freely, only condition: no duplication with already assigned labels. Many vehicle owners still choose the previous shortcut, but others absolutely free combinations, such as their own name (eg, Gisli ).

Iceland is next to Germany and some Balkan countries one of the few countries (eg Þ Ð or ) also allow for regular license plates country-specific letters.

In addition there exists in Iceland a number of special characteristics that stand out by their color scheme. Features for commercially used vehicles have red font and show in the left margin a red rhombus. Yellow number plates symbolize that the vehicle must refuel exempt fuel. This is for example the case of vehicles of the fire brigade. Temporary license plate have a red background and black font. Always begin with the letters RN

The number plate on the vehicle of the President of Iceland shows the perpendicular presidential flag and the number 1

Diplomatic have green background and white label. You begin with the letters CD followed by a letter indicating the country of origin and a two digit number.

Diplomatic codes:

A United States United States B United Kingdom United Kingdom C Danemark Denmark D Finland Finland E France France

F Belgium G China People's Republic of China H Norway Norway I Poland Poland K Russia Russia

L Sweden Sweden M Czech Czech N Canada Canada, former GDR O Germany Germany Japan Japan P


Until 1989, the license plate had black base color with white or silver metal colored letters and numbers. In the first place was to 1989 Versal Circle approval resort. He was followed by up to five digits. Iceland's Keflavik Airport, the Leif Eriksson airport, had their own signs.

The circle symbol

Overall, there were 18 districts:

  • A - Akureyri ( Eyjafjardarsysla ) on Eyjafjörður ( region ( direction ): N)
  • B - Vatneryri ( Barðarstrandarsýsla ) on Patreksfjord (NW)
  • D - Dalasysla ( Búðardalur ) on Hvammsfjord (W)
  • E - Akranes ( Almannagja ) on Hvalfjord (W)
  • F - Siglufjörður (N ), 2006 incorporation at the Fjallabyggð (NO)
  • G - Hafnarfjörður ( Kjosarsysla ), west of Reykjavík ( W)
  • H - Blönduós ( Húnavatnssýsla ) on Blandafluss (N)
  • I - Isafjordur ( Isafjardarsysla ) Breida -H.- island ( NW)
  • J - Keflavík Airport ( Keflavíkurflugvöllur ) Peninsula Reykjanesskagi (W)
  • K - Sauðárkrókur ( Skagafjardarsysla ) Skagafjord (N)
  • N - Neskaupstaður, incorporation on June 7, 1998 Fjarðabyggð in the Norwegian Sea (O)
  • Ø - Keflavík Airport ( Keflavíkurflugvöllur ) Peninsula Reykanesskagi (W)
  • Þ - Húsavík ( Þingeyjarsýsla ) at the Skjálfandi Bay (N)
  • R - Reykjavík (W)
  • S - Seydisfjörður ( Norður - Múlasýsla ) 14 ° ö L. (O)
  • U - Eskifjörður ( Suður - Múlasýsla ) Reyðarfjord (O)
  • V - Vestmannaeyjar ( Westman Islands), Heimaey (S )
  • X - Selfoss ( Arnessysla ) on Hvítáfluss (SW)
  • Y - Kópavogur SW Reykjavík ( W)
  • Z - Vik i Myrdal ( Skaftafellssýsla ) on the Iceland Passage (S )