Vehicle registration plates of Israel

Israeli license plate is visually similar to the European standard for license plates. On the left side is like the Euro plate a blue field, the downward initially shows the flag of Israel and the distinguishing signs IL from above. In addition, the country's name in Hebrew ( ישראל ) and Arabic script ( إسرائيل ) appears. The actual license plate consists of seven digits that are separated by two points in three groups (eg, 12 • 345 • 67). After the first two digits is the symbol of Israeli Normalization Institute SII, a Mem ( מ ) in a circle. With American flags in size, the blue box is centered at the bottom next to the standard icon. Older signs do not have a blue box. The new seven -digit numbers are the last two digits of either the Year (80 to 90) or a number of the importer. 00 and 01 are vehicles with individual licenses ( trucks buses, ...), 25 are taxis. Regional allocation does not exist. Normally, the number remains at Ummeldungen the vehicle, unless it finds a change in the Registration Type instead of or after a conversion is a new typing necessary.

Police indicator Vehicles of the Israeli police have red license plate with white letters. The sign on the left shows the blue bar with flag and country name and ends on the Hebrew letter Mem ( מ ) for משטרה Mischtara ( police).

Military Features Israeli forces use black number plates with white letters. They also show only digits and stopping at the Hebrew letters Tzade ( צ ) for צבא Tzava (military )

Characteristic of the military police Vehicles of the military police wearing blue plate with white letters also. They end up on the two letters Mem ( מ ) and Tzade ( צ ) for משטרה צבאית Mischtara Tsva'it ( military police).

Diplomatic license plate Diplomatic plates are white with black lettering and show the only Latin letters. You start with CD or CC, and then show a number, which ends on 21 or 22. Private vehicles of a diplomatic mission, which were acquired in the country of origin, show no letters on the license plate.

Sample indicator Sample code for garages and car dealers are white with red writing and show the word במבחן "TEST" above the number.

Historic Vehicles Historic vehicles that are older than 30 years can receive a special mark that contains in addition to the normal registration number words רכב אספנות ( Rehev Asfanut = historic vehicle ). These vehicles are exempt from road tax and allowed to work Sundays to Thursdays not be driven in the morning rush hour 7-9 clock. Since 2011, a number combination is for vehicles that have been imported already in a historic state award, which ends with 55.

Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority now awards its own flag, before the Palestinians had their own blue license plates with a Hebrew letter indicating the district.