Vehicle registration plates of Spain

In Spain, since 2001, giving the newly issued license plate no more information on the origin of the vehicle. In the previously issued license plate, which are partly still in use, called the first or the first two letters of the registration plate, the province in which the vehicle was first registered ( eg A 5678 FG for a vehicle from Alicante [because of the first letter A] ). These were, as is the case with the current indicator bound vehicle.

Current Designation System

Since 2001, the license plate will be awarded centrally, the regional origin of the particular vehicle is no longer recognizable. The new license plate consisting of four digits followed by three letters, for example, in 2233 CXD. The plates carry a black lettering on a white background with the state seal as a small pattern in light gray. On the left side there is a blue band with the letter E for España and the European stars. Even the old license plate can be fitted on request of the holder with the European locale. Occasionally, vehicles or CAT ARA instead of E on the plate in order to demonstrate membership in Catalonia and Aragon to. The identifier is attached by means of stickers, and is illegal.

A vehicle always keeps in Spain by keeper change his character, even if it is sold in other provinces. The codes are assigned once, ie in case of cancellation of a vehicle whose number is never used again elsewhere. The labels are also assigned in ascending order ( 2233 CXD CXD follows in 2234, etc.). So can be the basis of the license plate on the one hand, the approximate age of the first registration of a vehicle in Spain determine, on the other hand, the usability of the system is thus but limited in time. This was one of the reasons for the abolition of the old system, as in provinces with particularly strong approval numbers (Barcelona and Madrid), the possible combinations were exhausted. It had originally intended to allow three final letters in the characteristics of these two provinces. So should follow M 9999 ZZ in the province of Madrid is characterized M 0000BBB. The validity period for the 2001 introduced variant is limited to a few decades.

A special feature of the new registration numbers is also that they lead only consonants in block letters. The very first of the new indicator was therefore not 0000AAA but 0000BBB. Furthermore, not 0000EAA followed 9999DZZ but 0000FBB.

General series

The characteristics of the general series (cars, trucks, etc.) have four digits, which is followed by three letters, eg 3540 FLL.

Specialized Vehicles

Special vehicles have a license plate with a white background and red letters and the first letter E for Vehículos Especiales ( German: Special Vehicles ), which is followed by four numbers and three letters, for example: E 3617 BDV.

Historic Vehicles

Historic vehicles have a license plate with a white background and black font and the initial letter H for Traffic & Historical ( German: historical vehicles), which is followed by four numbers and three letters, for example: H 6701 BBB.

Vehicles with temporary registration

Vehicles with preliminary admission will receive a license plate with a green background and white font and the initial letter P for Temporal particulares, the four numbers and three letters follow, for example: P 1058 BBZ.

Trailer license plate

Trailer receive in addition to the license plate of the towing vehicle, a red license plate beginning with the letter R for Remolques ( German: trailer), followed by the four digits and three letters, for example: R 8216 BBZ.


Vehicles for tourists ( bought in Spain vehicles that are later to be registered in another country) get a temporary license plate with a white background and black lettering and a small red box on the right side, on which the validity is written ( above a roman numeral the month, down a number for the year, eg 07 ). The initial letter T for Traffic & Turísticos ( German: Tourist vehicles) followed by four numbers and three letters eg T 8928 BBC.

Diplomatic license plate

Diplomatic plates are available in two variants. Signs of the Diplomatic Corps have a red background and show the letters CD for Corps Diplomatique. Indicator for the Consular Corps start with CC. Both types have white font. The letters followed by two sets of numbers, the first of which indicates the country of origin, such as: CD 45 093

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Moped license plate

Vehicles up to 50 cc get a flag that is 16.5 cm high and 10 cm wide, with black lettering on a yellow background. All numbers start with "C " and are structured just like any other Spanish flag, ie followed by four numbers and three letters, for example, C 4567 BHY. The new system replaces all previously valid locally issued license plates.

Taxis and buses

Taxis and buses will have not only the actual license plate of a supplementary sign with the label "SP". This stands for servicio público ( public service).

More Features

For vehicles that are of the Spanish Categories Temporal Empresas Nuevos and Temporal Empresas Usados ​​- it is probably to extend provisional authorizations and demonstration - identification shall be allocated with a red background and white font with a white border with an S or V as the first letter, eg B. S 5822 BBN ( the first category ) and V 9783 BBC ( the second category ).

More information

For more information, particularly on the respective registration year, and a more detailed listing of the groups of letters are in the systematics of the article License Plate ( Spain).

Former designation system

Until 2000, there were in the provinces of distinctive character. By 1971 they were followed by an up to six -digit number. Then mark were dealt with one or two letters at the end. In these newer mark the number was only four digits.


  • CME Mossos d' Esquadra Cuerpo ( Catalan police)
  • Cuerpo Nacional de Policía CNP ( National Police )
  • DGP Dirección General de la Policía (Spanish police)
  • E Ertzaintza ( Police of the Basque Country, E curved shape )
  • Ejército del Aire EA ( Air Force )
  • ET Tierra Ejército ( Army )
  • FAE Fuerzas Aliadas en España ( the Spanish vessels NATO HQ )
  • FN Fuerzas Navales ( Marine)
  • MF del Ministerio Fomento ( Construction and Transport Ministry )
  • MMA Ministerio del Medio Ambiente ( Agriculture and Ministry of Environment)
  • PGC Parque Guardia Civil ( Civil Guard fleet )
  • PME Parque Móvil del Estado (State fleet )
  • PMM Parque Móvil Ministerios ( fleet of ministries)
  • PTT Correos y Telégrafos (Post)

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