Vehicle registration plates of Switzerland

In the Swiss Confederation, the car registration glad officially license plates, colloquially they are commonly called car number or license plates.

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Cantonal license plates

Before 1905

1894 wrote the Canton of Basel-Stadt, that Velo marks shall be applied also to motor vehicles. 1901 awarded the Canton of Lucerne indicator for motor vehicles, 1902 ordered the Canton of Zurich that motor vehicles must have a front and rear license plates.


On February 6, 1905, the cantons adopted a number distribution according to the scheme below. The warning signs had the Swiss flag on the left and the cantonal shield right. The signs were all in black with white lettering.

In 1911, the assigned numbers were partially depleted, so you added as a suffix letter. A Bernese Control Label could therefore read, for example, 1841P. From 1922 began some cantons to have produce the signs in white with black lettering, as they are less sensitive to dirt.

This system was replaced in 1933, the allocated blocks of numbers were depleted with the suffixes soon and the present scheme has been introduced.

Since 1933

The license plates are issued by the motor vehicle authorities of the cantons. Here, since 1933, see two digit alphabetic abbreviation for the cantons with a one - to six -digit number using, where just six digit numbers have a thousands separator in the form of a narrow space character.

In contrast to most other countries in Europe, the Swiss license plates are not assigned to a particular vehicle, but its holder. This can take the license plates on request as an interchangeable plates for a maximum of two vehicles. In many cantons up to 99 veterans vehicles ( minimum age in 30 years) can be redeemed per plate. For regular vehicles normally only two vehicles can be redeemed with the same number plate.

The word mark is used in the law for bicycle license plate.

So far, letters are used only for the Canton designation or special uses.

1 The abbreviation TI will also forgive the inhabitants of italienisichen enclave Campione d'Italia.

Design of signs

The front control plate, slightly smaller, containing only canton abbreviation and number, the rear also left the Swiss coat of arms, right the respective cantonal coats of arms.

All Swiss number plates can in shaping optionally be requested in long format or portrait format ( only affects rear license plate).

Special uses

Standing on a control plate behind the number one or two letters, it is a special use, such as for car dealers or as a temporary control plate. Due to a directive rental vehicles may no longer be recognizable as such on the basis of the control plate. Therefore, the V- numbers are often registered in the insurance cheap cantons VD or AI no longer in use and car rentals.

The warning signs for car dealers ( colloquially " garage numbers ") are only registered car dealers and repair workshops. These numbers can be used for validation trips and transfer trips briefly for all motor vehicles, regardless of their engine performance and emissions output. In addition to the attachment to the ordinary car license holders of vehicles, it is also permitted, appended "U" numbers by magnetic on the bonnet and at the rear, for example under the rear window or in a plastic bag to bring.

Background colors and dimensions

The background color and the size of the license plates is dependent on the type of use and vehicle types. These are numbered independently in many cantons. It may well be that several vehicles have a control plate with the same number. There are the following sizes and colors:

Types of license plates



The license plates are issued in principle, subject to availability. That is, the license plates are returned, so get them in some cantons after a reasonable time back into circulation. If there are no such, new signs with sequential numbering are marked. In other cantons, such as Geneva, new serial numbers are always forgiven.

In recent years, many cantons returned license plates with very low numbers ( one to four digits ) or particularly memorable numbers (for example, 100 000 or 22 333) have started to sell to certain increased fees or highest bidding prospects. To this end, many cantons appropriate Internet portals. So had in the canton of St. Gallen, the Fire Department of the City of St. Gallen numbers " SG-1 " to " SG 20 " return, so it can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. " SG-1 " was auctioned off as now the most expensive shield for 135,000 francs. The auction is for the improvement of the financial budget of the canton.

Auto Index

In many cantons, the register of license plates shall be publicly available, partly online support queries over the Internet, unless the holder has not requested any relevant information block. In addition, recently published books can be purchased with a list of license plates and the MATCHING holder each year.

Military Vehicles

Military vehicles (vehicles of the army and administration Vehicles Department, Defence ), vehicles of the Border Guard, the Customs investigation authorities and the armasuisse be the road traffic and shipping office of the Army ( SVSAA ) with military license plates enrolled (Art. 28 para 1 VFBF ). This flag bears the emblem of Switzerland followed by an "M" ( abbreviation for " Militaire ") and the number with white characters on black background.

The M- numbers are assigned according to vehicle type and procurement tranche and are continuous in the procurement series, eg Pz87 (Leopard 2):

For prototypes, each of the digit 0 is used in the first place after the M, both in vehicles, the entrance to the Swiss Army found (eg prototype Entpannungspanzer 65: M0870 ), as well as in vehicles that are not procured in series (eg. 35Mm Flab Kan Pz B22L: M0888 and M0889, or tank cannon 68: M0872, M0898, M0899 ). The sign looks like the Liechtenstein Control Label, which, however, bears the prince coat of arms and the initials " FL ".

Diplomatic license plate

Vehicles by members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, as well as some international organizations carry a signal output from the Canton location of the embassy or the consulate control plate the model (Article 84, paragraph 4 and 86 VZV).

  • Characters " CD " on a green background: Official car of the diplomatic missions
  • Motor vehicles of members of the diplomatic staff of these missions
  • Characters " CC " on a green background: Company car, headed by a career consular officials
  • Motor vehicles of biometrics
  • Separate additional characters " CC " for more than a cart fee each post heads of consular posts, which the Federal Council has granted the exequatur. The vehicle identification card shall carry in these cases, the words " approved CC characters ."
  • Characters " CD " on a blue background: Company car settled missions or other representations to intergovernmental organizations as well as motor vehicles of members of the diplomatic staff of these missions
  • Company car institutional beneficiary as intergovernmental organizations, international institutions, secretariats or other organs established by an international treaty, independent commissions, international courts, arbitral tribunals and other international bodies (Art. 2 para 1 lit. A, b, i, j, k, l and m are the Host State Act ), enjoy the privileges, immunities and facilities, as well as the motor vehicles of highly placed official of the institutional beneficiaries who enjoy diplomatic status in Switzerland.
  • Characters " AT " on a green background: Vehicles of members of the administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions.

The characters " CD ", " CC " and " AT " followed by the canton abbreviation and two numbers separated by a dot, the second of which numeric keypad featuring the sending State and the first block is a sequence number for the vehicles of that State. The first numbers of the serial number are the head of the agency or organization and his deputies reserved:

001 Vatican City Vatican City 002 Canada Canada 003 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 004 Australia 005 Iran Iran 006 Spain 007 Israel Israel 008 Kuwait Kuwait 009 United States United States 010 Brazil Brazil 011 Mexico Mexico 012 Ireland Ireland 013 Japan Japan 014 New Zealand New Zealand 015 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 016 Monaco Monaco 017 South Africa South Africa 018 Egypt Egypt 019 Syria Syria 020 Algeria Algeria 021 Argentina Argentina 022 Austria Austria 023 Bolivia Bolivia 024 Chile Chile 025 Colombia Colombia 026 South Korea South Korea 027 Costa Rica Costa Rica 028 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast 029 Cuba 030 Ecuador Ecuador 031 Finland Finland 032 France France 033 Ghana Ghana 034 Guatemala Guatemala 035 Haiti Haiti 036 India India 037 Indonesia Indonesia 038 Iraq Iraq 039 Italy Italy 040 Lebanon Lebanon 041 Panama Panama 042 Peru Peru 043 Philippines Philippines 044 Portugal 045 Tunisia Tunisia 046 Turkey Turkey 047 Uruguay Uruguay 048 Venezuela Venezuela 049 Vietnam 050 Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of Congo 051 Germany Germany 052 Nigeria Nigeria 053 Pakistan Pakistan 054 Bulgaria 055 People's Republic of China People's Republic of China Hungary Hungary 056 057 Poland Poland 058 Romania Romania

059 Serbia Serbia 060 Czech Czech 061 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 062 Belgium 063 Danemark Denmark 064 Greece Greece 065 Libya Libya 066 Morocco Morocco 067 Norway Norway 068 The Netherlands The Netherlands 069 Sweden Sweden 070 Thailand Thailand 071 Jordan Jordan 072 United Kingdom United Kingdom 073 Russia Russia 074 Luxembourg Luxembourg 075 Ethiopia Ethiopia 076 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 077 Paraguay Paraguay 078 El Salvador El Salvador 079 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 080 Jamaica Jamaica 081 San Marino San Marino 082 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 083 Yemen Yemen 084 Gabon Gabon 085 Malaysia Malaysia 086 Liberia Liberia 087 Sudan Sudan 088 Mongolia Mongolia 089 Malta Malta 090 Belarus Belarus 091 Ukraine Ukraine 092 Iceland Iceland 093 Republic of Congo Republic of Congo 094 Chad Chad 095 Myanmar Myanmar 096 Senegal Senegal 097 Nicaragua Nicaragua 098 free, former GDR 099 Honduras Honduras 100 Bangladesh Bangladesh 101 Cambodia 102 North Korea North Korea 103 Benin Benin 104 Cyprus Republic of Cyprus 105 Singapore Singapore 106 Central African Republic Central African Republic 107 Qatar Qatar 108 Oman Oman 109 Cameroon Cameroon 110 Madagascar Madagascar 111 Kenya Kenya 112 Somalia Somalia 113 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 114 Tanzania 115 Burundi Burundi 116 free, Former South Yemen

117 Nepal Nepal 118 Bahrain Bahrain 119 Afghanistan Afghanistan 120 Rwanda Rwanda 121 Bhutan Bhutan Guinea Guinea 122 123 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 124 Hong Kong Hong Kong 125 Albania Albania 126 Brunei Brunei 127 Danemark Denmark 128 Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe 129 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea 130 Belize Belize 131 Mauritius Mauritius 132 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 133 Slovenia 134 Croatia Croatia 135 Zambia Zambia 136 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 137 Slovakia Slovakia 138 Lithuania Lithuania 139 Latvia Latvia 140 Jordan Jordan 141 Angola Angola 142 Macedonia Macedonia 143 Gambia Gambia 144 Armenia Armenia 145 Estonia Estonia 146 Uganda Uganda 147 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 148 Eritrea Eritrea 149 Georgia Georgia 150 Mauritania Mauritania 151 Moldova Moldova 152 Azerbaijan 153 Lesotho Lesotho 154 Barbados 155 Cape Verde Cape Verde 156 Mozambique Mozambique 157 Andorra Andorra 158 Botswana Botswana 159 Mali Mali 160 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 161 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 162 Namibia Namibia 163 East Timor East Timor 164 Saint Kitts Nevis St. Kitts and Nevis 165 Swaziland 166 Djibouti Djibouti 167 Maldives Maldives 168 Montenegro Montenegro 169 Grenada 171 Tajikistan 173 Kosovo Kosovo 174 Palestine National Authority Palestinian Territories 177 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan

No longer used indicator types

Civilian vehicles of the Federal wore formerly the Swiss coat of arms followed by a "A" ( short for "Administration" ) and the number with black letters on a white ground. She also wore no cantonal coats of arms. The first digit of the five digit number stood for the department, which included the vehicle. These codes are no longer used. The official bodies maintain normal canton flag today. The only exceptions are the areas of defense and armasuisse within the VBS, which use the army numbers with the Swiss flag and a white "M" on a black background.

Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT ) and the Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB) were to 1997/98 part of the federal administration, their vehicles carried the Swiss flag followed by a "P" ( abbreviation for "post office ") and the number of black characters on a white, yellow or blue backgrounds. The Post and SBB remained after independence completely in federal ownership and could the P- signs for the time being continue to use, however, had the vehicles in the telecom area, which included from 1 January 1998 to partially privatized Swisscom, immediately switch to cantonal license plates.

All vehicles of Postal and Federal Railways have been converted to 31 December 2003 on common cantonal signs. Responsible for the output is the Road Traffic Office of the canton in which the respective agency has its headquarters.