Vehicle registration plates of Turkey

The license plate system in Turkey consists of a simple numbering of the provinces by alphabetical order. This system is similar to the numbering of the French departments, however, is on the Turkish license plate identifying the province on the left. The characteristics are similar to the EU model. Point at the left edge, a blue bar with the nationality code TR.

Turkey is divided into 81 provinces. From 01 to 67, the numbering is sorted alphabetically throughout. Furthermore, there are irregularities in alphabetical order by changing Province name: 33 - Mersin ( İçel to 2002 ) and 63 - Şanlıurfa ( Urfa to 1984 ). Added later provinces received the ID numbers of 68 to 81

Currently, the introduction of new number plates with microchips is discussed.

Features variants

Police Plate ( without Euro band )

Features of the Consular Corps ( without Euro band )

Normal indicator to 1996


Under Turkish football players, it is quite popular to wear the license plate of his hometown as a back number. Mehmet Topuz from Yozgat was for example the 66th to now thanks to his former club Kayserispor he wears 38, Necati Ates from İzmir 35, Servet Çetin from Iğdır the 76 Gökdeniz Karadeniz from Trabzon 61, Hayrettin Yerlikaya Ömer Toprak and from Sivas 58, Serkan Aykut and Sabri Sarıoğlu from Samsun the 55th