Vehicles is a generic term for mobile transport, the transport of goods ( freight), tools used ( machinery or equipment ) or persons ( passengers ). The drive type or the use is for the classification of no consequence.

Depending on the application, they are further subdivided, for example in:

  • Land vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Aircraft, especially also hovercrafts.

In addition, all these vehicles can be divided according to a variety of other categories, such as:

  • Water transport → displacer and glides
  • Land vehicles → rail vehicles, road vehicles, ATVs
  • Aircrafts → helicopters, propeller aircraft, jet aircraft

Combinations such as the amphibious vehicle are possible.

Vehicles are not necessarily motorized. Among other things, horses are used in land vehicles such as horse tracks or carriages as draft animals. There are also such as wind (eg in a sailing vessel) or gravity (eg sledge ) acting from the outside to the vehicle power sources. They often have different uses and are of varied constructed solely with land vehicles, there are thousands of types and uses. Motorized vehicles are referred to as motor vehicles.

The list of transport provides an overview of vehicles that serve as transport. In the article, History of Transportation, the historical development of vehicles to be read.