Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B. V. is a leading manufacturer of recreational facilities based in Vlodrop, Netherlands. Vekoma is particularly specialized in the production of roller coasters. Here, the manufacturer uses in contrast to competitors such as Intamin or B & M in particular attractions of the rod, that is certain attractions are not individually made ​​in the rule for each theme park, but sells versions of every client. This reduces production and particularly development costs, making it possible to sell expensive roller coasters at an affordable price. CEO is Roger Houben.


Vekoma was founded in 1926 by Hendrik op het Veld as Veldkoning and initially built agricultural equipment. In the 1950s, the company swung under the direction of Gerard son to on accessories for the mining industry and changed the name to Vekoma. It was not until 1967, increased with the construction of a ferris wheel in the amusement industry. With the construction of roller coasters Vekoma started in the mid 1970s. The first trains were manufactured under license from American company Arrow. Vekoma acted so as Arrows European branch. Since then the company has grown to become one of the most important factors in the industry. Unlike the competitors who do with their record attractions particularly in the USA great sales, Vekoma has its largest markets in Europe and Asia in particular since the early 1990s. The reason for this is the much lower investment opportunities of amusement parks outside the United States. They therefore often rely on a product off the shelf.

Known roller coaster types

The most famous and best-selling roller coaster Boomerang. Overall, more than 40 times this could Vekoma roller coaster sell identical. The track features on a relatively small surface area of ​​90 m × 30 m inversions, but these are both forward and backward pass through, whereby the passenger is turned upside down six times.

With four deliveries being much less common is the Invertigo, the inverted version of the boomerang, in which the drivers are driving under the rail and sit in pairs opposite. Also there are four lanes Giant Inverted Boomerang type, the 60 -meter-high version of Invertigo with vertical ramps.

Of particular importance is mainly in Europe, the Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC ) from Vekoma. Due to the mass production so could the first inverted coaster finding their way into Germany in 1998. Vekoma SLC was able to sell a total of over 30 times - including 23 times the standard version with 689 m length and five inversions, two of which are now located in Germany in the Heide-Park and Movie Park.