Velim railway test circuit

The railway test ring Velim (Czech: Železniční zkušební okruh Velimi u ) is a test track for railway vehicles in the Czech Republic. It is located near Poděbrady in Středočeský kraj ( Central Bohemia ). Owner of the test facility is the Railway Research Institute VIC ( " Research Institute of Railway " ), a subsidiary of the Czech Railways. In addition, research on this system yet, the research institute VÚKV as ( "Research Institute of Rail Vehicles " ), a subsidiary of Škoda.


The organization, founded by the former socialist countries for the Cooperation of Railways ( OSShD ) built the test ring, which was opened in 1963.


The railway test ring consists of two interconnected loops:

  • The small ring is 3.951 km long and allows speeds up to 90 km / h
  • The large ring is 13.272 km long and is approved for vehicles with tilting technology to 230 km / h. Inside the loop, is the village Sokoleč.

For test drives of electric locomotives and railcars the catenary voltage is switched on all the usual power systems in Europe:

  • 3000 V =
  • 1500 V =
  • 25 kV 50 Hz ~
  • 15 kV 16.7 Hz ~