Vellmar is a small town in the district of Kassel in northern Hesse ( Germany ). It is equipped with 18,230 inhabitants, is the second largest municipality in the county.

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Geographical location

Vellmar adjacent to the northern boundary of the city of Kassel, with the development of both cities many places merges into each other. The city is traversed in approximately west-northwest -southeast direction from the north-western Fulda inflow ancestor, in which the urban recreation area ancestor Park. The metropolitan area is between about 163 m above sea level. NN, at the outflow of the ancestor from the city, and 361.2 m above sea level. NN, on the crest of the northwest uplifting Staufenbergs. In Vellmar open near the pool of small Rain Bach, near the intersection of Bahnhofstrasse / Dutch Street Elsche the small and close to the ground route of the little stream from the mountain hops in the ancestor. Near Central Mountains are the Western Bonelli's forests Bergland (up to 614.7 m above sea level. NN ) and the Reinhard Forest (up to 472.2 m above sea level. NN ) in the northeast.

Neighboring communities

Vellmar bordered to the west on the community Ahnatal, in the north- west on the community Calden, in the north on the community Espenau, in the east on the community of Fulda Valley (all in the district of Kassel), and on the south by the district-free city of Kassel.


The four Vellmar neighborhoods are Frommershausen, Niedervellmar, Obervellmar and Vellmar -West.


Vellmar has been mentioned 775 AD as Filmare. The oldest evidence of human settlement in what is now Vellmar space is a 7,000 year old millstone.

The city rights were awarded on August 30, 1975 on the occasion of the 1200th anniversary. She was at the time along with Baunatal the youngest town in the district of Kassel. At the same time, and far to the mid- 1980s, the city center with the town hall, shops, the medical center and the residential area " musician's quarter " was born. Currently, the construction area at the Osterberg be (mostly completed ) and the industrial area " at the Kamper Bridge " opened up.


On 1 December 1970, the until then independent municipality Obervellmar was incorporated.


The approximately 850 -year-old Protestant church in Frommershausen district is late Gothic in parts.

In Obervellmar district, the parish church on a late Gothic west tower. The 1616 ship was renewed in 1824 expanded into classical forms. The organ was built by the organ builder family armies in 1773.

The existing since 1986 Ahnepark with a total area of ​​approximately 9 ha offers large areas of water and a variety of sporting and cultural facilities. The highlight is the now 18-day summer festival tent in the park with his entertainment, combined with the traditional park festival.

The historical district Vellmar eV operates since 1790 in the existing courtyard Helse ( Old Main Street) since 2004, a local history museum.

By Vellmar which a portion of the section Schäferberg ( - Vellmar ) of Kassel, North Hesse trail fairy tale land.

The planned for the 2013 edition of the 53 day in Hesse Vellmar was canceled in August 2011.


City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Vellmar maintains partnership relations with

  • Zell am See in Salzburg in Austria since 1978,
  • Bewdley near Birmingham in the UK since 1989 and
  • Szigetszentmárton (St. Martin) in Hungary since 1993.

Transport links

Vellmar is ( RegioTram / ​​RER Kassel and Kurhessenbahn ) and the breakpoint Vellmar - Niedervellmar served by the station Vellmar - Obervellmar ( railway Kassel- Warburg ), the breakpoint Vellmar-Osterberg/EKZ ( Hanoverian Southern Railway ) to the railway and RegioTram network and connected especially on the highways 7 and 83, which lead expressway like a common portion of the city to the road network. Since October 22, 2011 Vellmar is connected across the extension of line 1 through the city on the tram network Kassel.

Famous people

  • Bernd and Reiner Methe (both 1964-2011 ), German handball referees sidecar