Velorex is the name of a motorized tricycle from the former Czechoslovakia, were produced from the 1950 to 1973 over 15,000 copies.


The brothers František Stransky and Mojmir Stransky began in 1945 in Parník near Česká Třebová with the construction of prototypes of a small car named Oskar with three wheels, with the single wheel was in the rear. The car had two seats and a roof. The body consisted mainly of faux leather material, similar Igelit to save the high cost of sheet metal forming. Initially, the vehicles were purchased from preferred disability, as these were particularly favorable conditions. 1951, the production was moved to Solnice. In 1956, vehicles were renamed Velorex. From 1961 onwards, certain parts were produced at the new plant in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. It was not until 1971, the tricycle was replaced by a new four-wheel model. In 1973, the production was finally stopped.

The models

OS - KAR (1950-1952)

From the first edition of the OS - KAR about 36 pieces were produced from 1950 to 1952. It was used a single-cylinder two -stroke engine of Jawa N type 11 with 250 cc displacement and 9 hp. Exterior identifying features are the high vehicle front, the notchback body, as well as 19 - inch wheels.

OS - KAR (1952-1954)

From the second edition of the OS - KAR about 130 units were produced from 1952 to 1954. The snout was flatter, as in all subsequent Velorex three-wheeler models. The engine, body and wheels size were retained.

Oskar 54

This model was produced 1954-1955. The wheels size was maintained, the tail became the hatchback.

Velorex Oskar 16 and Velorex 16/250

This model, initially Velorex Oskar 16 and later called Velorex 16/250 was produced from 1955 to 1963. From 1955 a Jawa engine, type N 353 was used with 250 cc displacement and 12 hp.

Velorex 16/175

This model from 1963 to 1964 had a single-cylinder two -stroke engine of CZ with 175 cc capacity, which made ​​11.5 hp.

Velorex 16/350

This model from 1963 to 1971 had a two-cylinder two -stroke engine Jawa 350 cc, made ​​of 16 hp.

Velorex 435-0

This model was produced from 1971. The drive was carried out by the Jawa engine with 350 cc displacement. It had, in contrast to its predecessors, four wheels and a completely different look, which was adapted to the then usual appearance of small cars. However, competition was greater in this market segment, so that the production of this model ceased in 1973 after only 1380 copies produced.