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Vemb is a place in the Danish Central Jutland and is located east of Nissumfjordes. Vemb heard since the 2007 municipal reform, which came into force on the municipality of Holstebro. Previously made ​​the place along with the municipality Ulfborg Ulfborg - Vemb, which belonged to Ringkjøbing office. In Vemb 1325 inhabitants ( 1 January 2013).

To the east lies Holstebro. Vemb has a railway station with elephants column. This town is near the village Råsted there is also a golf course. It is also interesting that in Vemb the river Lilleå (German for "little river " ) opens into the Storå (Eng. "Great River ").


Vemb is the junction of railway lines to Thyborøn ( Lemvigbanen ) and Holstebro.