A vacuum extraction ( ventouse colloquially ) is used in vaginal operative deliveries in obstetrics.


The vacuum extractor consists of a pump, a vacuum bottle, the tubing and suction cups in different sizes and materials (metal, plastic, rubber and silicone). Also versions as a small hand pump, like the Mystic suction cup or Kiwiglocke, are in use.


Reasons for a vacuum extraction are the child's hypoxia, the depletion of the mother or combined indications. Important prerequisites for the implementation of vacuum extraction are reaching the basin center or a deeper -basin level by the child's head, the exclusion of a disproportion between the maternal pelvis and childlike head, and the exclusion of an end or face situation. Alternatively, comes in this situation, the forceps are used.


The maximum suction cup is inserted into the vaginal entrance and placed on the child's head. There is the slowest possible structure of the vacuum. The seat of the bell is controlled, and it is tested with a sample extraction, if the baby's head follows the train. In several blow synchronous traction the development of the child's head is. The extraction can be facilitated by the Kristeller handle. The reduction of the vacuum should be done to avoid pressure fluctuations in the child's head also slow.


The so-called head tumor, a swelling of the subcutaneous tissue under the bell, after a vacuum extraction is normal and harmless. In children, it may by pressure fluctuations in the head but also cause bleeding in the skull or scalp ( Cephalhematoma 12%) come. Furthermore, mentioned abrasions and bruising of the skin and temporary paralysis of the facial nerve. Severe complications are skull fractures and intracranial bleeding. Maternal injuries are dam, vaginal and Zervixrisse.


The first sufficiently adherent vacuum bell was constructed in 1954 by Malmström.


Source: Federal Statistical Office

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