Venucia (Chinese启 辰, Pinyin Qichen ) is a brand of the joint venture between Nissan and Dongfeng Motor in China, Dongfeng Motor Company. Venucia was founded in September 2010 at developed by Dongfeng -Nissan vehicles produced in China and especially in the home market offer. In November 2011, Dongfeng -Nissan announced the first vehicle in the brand Venucia to a mid-size sedan, which is under the name Venucia D50 on the market since mid-2012. The second model, the five-door compact sedan Venucia R50 hatchback, followed in September 2012.

Model range

  • Venucia D50 - Four-door mid-size sedan
  • Venucia R50 - five-door compact sedan with hatchback
  • Venucia e30 - electric five-door compact car

Planned models

  • Venucia e30

At the Beijing Auto Show 2012 for the first time, the concept car was presented Venucia e30, which was then presented as a production version at the Auto Guangzhou Motor Show 2012. The electric car corresponds largely to the Nissan Leaf. No later than 2015, it will be built in China and first introduced as a pilot project by Dongfeng -Nissan and local governments in 15 Chinese cities.

  • Venucia Viwa

The concept car Viwa was presented at the Auto Shanghai in April 2013, as a preview of a new model to be built on the platform of the Nissan March.

  • Upper class and
  • SUV

By 2015, coming to market two new mid-size sedans and Venucia a Venucia SUV.

Venucia R50